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  • Session 1: Introduction to the Program
  • Session 2: Drugs and their Health Effects
  • Session 3: Reacting vs. Responding
  • Session 4: Mindfulness of Delusions
  • Session 5: Emotional Awareness
  • Session 6: The Brain and Drugs
  • Session 7: Mindfulness of Cravings
  • Session 8: Mindfulness of Triggers
  • Session 9: The Impact of Drugs on the Family System
  • Session 10: Mindfulness of the Peer System
  • Session 11: Mindfulness of the External Environment
  • Session 12: Closing Ceremony

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The MBSAT 12-Session Curriculum Certification is a mixed online-in-person training that fully certifies participants in the 12-Session MBSAT curriculum. Once you apply and are accepted, you will be able to submit tuition and get online login credentials to access the online modules. The in-person intensive is highly interactive and prepares participants to facilitate the 12-session curriculum, along with how to tweak certain aspects and deal with troubleshooting issues. Cost: $600 for full certification and lifetime access to online content.

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