Book & Seminar Tour Coming in Fall of 2019
"Trauma-Informed Mindfulness With Teens" will be released in November of 2019. Dr. Himelstein will be going on a Fall 2019 book and associated live seminar tour offering workshops on the book's content: "Teaching Mindfulness To Trauma-Impacted Youth."
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This course is a completely free, self-paced, online course. 2 CEs/Hours for eligible professionals and toward the 30-hr trauma toolkit for youth providers certificate
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30-Hour Trauma Toolkit for Youth Providers
3 online courses. 30 hours of content. Transformed trauma-impacted youth
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Training to build authentic relationships, practice trauma-informed care, and share mindfulness with youth

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Teaching Mindfulness To Teens (online; self-paced)

The completely free, online, self-paced 2-hour course on teaching mindfulness to adolescents. Complete with step-by-step instructions and lifetime access to the course content!

Trauma-Informed Care for Professionals Working with Youth (4 weeks online)

  • April 29th – May 28th (Registration Closed)
  • August 12th – September 10th (Registration Not Yet Open)
  • November 11th – December 10th (Registration Not Yet Open)

Advanced Trauma-Informed Care Toolkit for Youth Workers (8 weeks online)

  • March 4th – May 28th Registration Closed
  • September 16th – November 10th (Registration Opens Soon)

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Certificate Programs

The 30-hr Trauma Toolkit Certificate for Youth Providers

  • 3 Courses
  • 30 hours
  • Transform the lives of trauma-impacted youth

MBSAT 12-Session Curriculum Certification

  • Next Training: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9/13, 9/14, 9/15
  • Where: Oakland, CA
  • 3-day intensive in-person seminar

Learn about how to help youth impacted by trauma!

Trauma-Informed Care for Professionals Working with Youth is a completely online, semi self-paced, and affordable training that will teach you the basics of a trauma-informed approach. Get updates on exact course dates and exclusive pre-launch discount codes!

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