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Building Authentic Relationships (BARs) Online

BARs Online is the Center for Adolescent Studies’s core course recommended for mental health, education, juvenile justice, and any professional working with adolescents. Learn 6 transformational skills that will help you build stronger, more authentic relationships with the youth you work with. Course cost: $97 (for over 10 hours of course content!)

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Our Courses

Mindfulness as an Intervention for Adolescents: This is a free online course overviewing how to apply mindfulness to your work with adolescents; both relationally and as a technique. A must for anyone in the education, mental health, and/or other fields wanting to skillfully incorporate mindfulness into their work. Tuition: Free!


BARs Online: Building Authentic Relationships (BARS) Online is a 6-skill, self-paced training for professionals from all disciplines (teachers, probation staff, mental health professionals, etc.) that overviews how to effectively develop authentic and meaningful relationships with young people. Tuition: $97 (for over 10 hours of content!)


MBSAT Curriculum Certification: Get certified in this Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Treatment (MBSAT) 12-Session Curriculum geared toward adolescents. Learn all 12 sessions to use in both group and individual settings with youth.Tuition: $600; discounts for students and groups of 3 or more. Next certification: April 2017.


Coming Soon


CAS will be developing number of short, free, online courses over the next year that broadly apply to working with adolescents. Most courses will apply across disciplines however some will be field-specific (e.g., counseling, education, etc.).


Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care: A self-paced, completely online training for professionals working with adolescents looking to get an introduction to trauma-informed care. Applies across disciplines to mental health, education, juvenile justice, etc. Fall 2016.


Trauma-Informed Educator’s Certificate: Applies to teachers, educators, and administrators working in education and looking for an in-depth certificate program overviewing trauma-informed education. Summer 2017.

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