Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care (October 2017)

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  1. Sam Himelstein, Ph.D.

    Hi all,

    I’m super excited for this course! I work in Oakland, CA as a psychologist working with youth and their families struggling with substance use, trauma, and other issues related to the teen life-stage. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anything!


    Hi all
    My name is Chrissy Newcombe, I live in a small country town called Geraldton in Western Australia, I work mostly with the indigenous population in a primary school setting. My role in the school that I work in is Chaplain. What I hope to achieve is a deeper understanding of trauma and to make sure that I am delivering the correct care to these young people.

  3. Hi everyone!

    My name is Meghan Reid. I live, and work, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Throughout the majority of my career, I have worked in mental health treatment group homes. I have recently transitioned to working at the School for the Blind, but with a deeper learning of the students we work with we also uncover traumatic experiences.
    I hope to gain a greater understanding of trauma and to ensure I am helping our students to the best of my ability.

  4. Hi All,
    My name is Ruth. I work as school counsellor at an international school in Portugal, though I am originally from Canada. Just wanting a refresher on trauma and how our children are impacted and how best to support them. I´m also particularly interested in the physiology of trauma and different types of therapy that are offered to support healing from the physiology aspect of trauma.
    Looking forward to learning with you all,

  5. Hi everyone,
    My name is Lisa, I’m a school nurse based in Tasmania, Australia. Really looking forward to getting in to this course and learning how to better help my students.

  6. Hi I’m Jo. I’m from Cornwall UK and work as a psychotherapist using coherence therapy and hypnotherapy. I work with adults and children as young as 5. I am excited about learning more about ways I can support adolescents from the trauma perspective and especially about building safety and security in terms of attachment and in so doing enabling the psyche to be strong enough to open up at a deeper level to begin healing from within.

  7. Hello,

    My name is Maria. I am a teacher in Bath, Maine, USA. I work with students who have barriers to education. Many of my students struggle with depression and anxiety and come from homes with multiple challenges. In conversation with the Professional School Counselors at my school I realized that some of my students may have trauma related experiences. I am always looking to improve my craft to best meet the needs of my students and this course seemed to be a perfect fit. I am super excited that there is a global presence in this cohort. I look forward to learning with and from all of you.

    Take care,

  8. Hello!
    My name is Joanne Hodgeman. I work with youth and families in a variety of ways. I am co-chair and founding board member of Foster Alumni Minnesota (FAM). I am working on becoming a school social worker. I’m super excited to work and learn with all of you!

  9. Hello,

    My name is Julie Stone. I am a JMG specialist from Portland, Maine. JMG aims to help students that face barriers to education and support them throughout their education and into a meaningful career field. I specifically work with students who have dropped out of school, for various reasons. Many of them come to us with different traumas. I signed up for this class to learn more about how to best reach these students and how to support them along their education and career paths. I look forward to working with you all and learning more about trauma.

    Julie Stone

  10. Hello,

    My name is Bethany Palmatier, MS. I am a Mental Health Professional and Program Manager from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The Mental Health Association is a Peer run organization serving individuals with serious mental illness through Peer Support Services. As of December 2016, Pennsylvania will now be offering Peer Support Services to Youth. I am taking this online class increase my know of trauma and specifically how to make sure that treatment plans pay close attention to identifying and treating trauma. I look forward to the information and working with others in the class.

    Take care,


  11. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Stephanie Becker and I work as a K-12 School Counselor at an online school, Minnesota Connections Academy, as the Manager of Counseling Services. We have three counselors for a pretty large school population, and my hope for this course is to learn some new strategies for working with youth affected and impacted by trauma, in our online setting. I’m hoping that with an online course I gain a little perspective as to what our students feel like when they take an online course, but that I am also able to translate some of the skills and strategies I learn online, for use with our students. Looking forward to learning so much from the others in this course as well!

  12. Hi All,

    My name is Julie Smith and I work as a 9-12th grade Principal at a Learning Center that is part of Mattole Valley Charter School. We are a Charter School that covers five separate counties. Our learning center is a hybrid in which we have an online component as well as live teachers who offer lab sciences, math, history and English. We have many students who have been impacted by trauma and it is my hope that our staff will become better informed about trauma in youth and how this impacts our students’ ability to learn in an academic setting.

  13. Jennifer Casper

    Hi everyone,
    I am Jennifer and I teach at a middle school in Michigan. I am currently teaching mindfulness and Spanish. I have just finished the Mindful Schools Year Long Certification program and am really interested in learning about trauma. My school has a large at-risk population and I would like to learn how to reach students and to teach other teachers about the things that their students might be experiencing. I am so excited to be learning with you!

  14. Hi All,

    I’m not sure that my post showed up, for I can no longer see it. As stated, I am a Principal for a learning center which is part of Mattole Valley Charter School. We cover 5 separate counties and we have many students who have experienced trauma in one way or another. Our learning center is located in Eureka, CA in Humboldt County. As part of this course, I hope to gain more information about trauma and it’s impact on our students’ ability to learn in an academic setting. My staff will be going through this workshop as well, for I believe all of us need to inform ourselves in order to better help our students. Thank you for offering this course and I look forward to the upcoming weeks.


    Julie Smith

  15. Hi everyone! My name is Lisa Shunock and I am a professor at a small college in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. I teach in the Child and Youth Care Program and have been at the college for 10 years. Prior to teaching I worked in hospital and education based settings in the field. I was part of a tragic events response team for 20 years for our local school board. I am a lifelong learner and am hoping to find some new ideas/resources for my classes by taking this course. In particular, I am interested in further exploring the impact of trauma on the brain.

  16. Hi
    My name is Pearleen Young. I am from Belize, a small english speaking country in Central America I am a Social Worker assigned to a juvenile facility within the Belize Central Prison. I work on a daily basis with young men who have come in conflict with the law. I am hoping that this course will assist me in better understanding my clients so that I can help to facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration back into society.

  17. Carnellie Fritz

    introduce yourself; name, field of work, city/state/country you work in, and something you hope to get from the course.

    Morning All

    My name is Carnellie Fritz from beautiful Belize in the Caribbean. I work as a practitioner in the social work flied with juvenile offenders and uncontrollable children. Undoubtedly, these youth are exposed to a lot of social issues and experiences that may have contributed to some maladaptive behaviors, and so I am hoping the course can offer me a deeper understanding of how to work with these clients and truly bring about change in their lives. n

  18. My name is Deshunna Monay and I am a Restorative Practices School Counselor with Fresno Unified School District in Fresno, CA. I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how trauma impacts children. I also hope to receive knowledge regarding how I can be more effective in my current practice.

  19. Good morning. I am Hiedi (yep, really spelled that way) from Spokane WA. I am a Juvenile Probation Officer at Spokane County Juvenile Court and assigned to the Dependency Unit where I serve as a Guardian ad Litem and CASA Supervisor for abused and neglected children. I am also an Adjunct Professor at a local university teaching about juvenile justice and delinquency. I work with trauma on a daily basis so I am looking forward to learning more about the effects of direct trauma, but also secondary and vicarious trauma. I want to be able to share with co-workers, CASAs and students to help us with our advocacy and our own self-care so we can serve better.

  20. Hello, my name is Wayne Moua. I work as a middle school restorative practices counselor in Fresno, CA. I want to learn more about the practical interventions that tackles the effects of trauma. Moreover, I hope to learn more about other systemic approaches to trauma-informed practices. Looking forward to the learning!

  21. Jennifer Werner

    My name is Jennifer Werner and I work for Denver Public Schools as a visual arts teacher. I am also a certified children’s yoga instructor. I live in Denver Colorado. I want to learn more about trauma so that I can support the children I work with more effectively and with greater understanding.

  22. Hello. My name is Darcy, I’m from Central Oregon and work as a Program Coordinator for a job skills training program that serves young people who have been disengaged from work, school and often healthy social networks. I hope to gain skills and improve knowledge so I can better serve our youth and also support our staff team.

  23. Hi. My name is Pat Lor and I am a Restorative Practices counselor with Fresno Unified in Fresno, California. I hope to learn more about trauma so I can have a better understanding of how to support our students. Additionally, I’d like to pass this knowledge to the teachers and staff I work with.

  24. Hi Co-Learners! My name is Jorge Ramirez and I am a restorative practices manager with the Fresno Unified School District. I’m excited to gain a comprehensive understanding of trauma and to be better equipped with supporting individuals who are in the front lines taking on the most challenging work; our counselors, teachers and school administrators. Let’s do this!

  25. Hi, My name is Valerie. I am a high school counselor at Taylor HS in Central Texas. I work with a lot of low SES students and many who suffer from trauma of various kinds. I am also a yoga teacher, a long-time Vipassana meditator, and training through MindfulSchools to bring mindfulness to the classroom. I am hoping to get additional skills in order to bridge the gap between teaching mindfulness and properly handling a student in the middle of a crisis or breakdown. I sometimes feel I need a better transition between handling the student in the moment (when they are angry or crying on my office, or in the middle of a flashback), while I am already thinking ahead that they need specific mindfulness skills that will help them in the long run.

  26. My name is Jessy Oterson and I am a school psychologist in Maryland. I work in an alternative education setting for 6th-9th grades. Many of the students that attend our school have experienced trauma. As such, I want to learn more about how their experiences may have impacted them and strategies I can use to help them cope so that they can be successful at school. I also would like to learn strategies and information that can be shared with the teachers and staff that I work with so that they can be more informed on how to provide appropriate instruction for the students.

  27. Eichel Weller Alamilla

    Hello All,
    My Name is Eichell Weller-Alamilla, BSW and I am a Soccial Worker for the Department of Human Services here in Belize. I live in Belize City, however I serve the entire country as the Foster Care and Adoption Recruitment Officer. I work with children of all ages who have experienced some level of trauma in their young lives. I am happy to take this course as I am seeking a wider understanding of my clients and how the trauma affects them in their daily lives. I plan to take what I’ve learnt in working with my clients.

  28. Hi from Canada!

    My name is Monique and I have an Masters in Social work with clinical specialization. After a brief stint as an Adolescent Mental health therapist with a Youth Diversion program, I returned to my roots in Child and Youth care and now Manage a Group home for at risk boys between the ages of 8-16. My goal is to re-familiarize myself to the Trauma informed literature so as to better assist not only the youth I engage with, but also the staff that I supervise. I look forward to all the wisdom that is shared amongst this cohort!

  29. Hello, my name is Kaitlin Mix. I am from Edmonton, Alberta. I am working as a Youth Worker in a group home at risk youth. I am 27 years old, and went to school in Kentucky and majored in Human Services and Counseling. I hope to gain a better understanding of Youth based on there passed trauma. I would like to help the Youth by being able to understand then from the level they are in rather the level I think they may be in.

  30. Hi everyone, my name is Mary Emrich. I am the Director of Campus Ministry and a teacher at a Catholic, college-prep high school for boys in Louisville KY. I hope to learn how to better engage and support students who have experienced trauma, which impacts students from every walk of life. I also hope to learn strategies that can be shared with my colleagues to help them be better instructors and mentors to their students. I am excited to be a part of this cohort and look forward to learning with you!

  31. Greetings All! I am a Restorative Practices School Counselor. My previous experience is in Social Work and Mental Health in working with High Risk Students and Families in homes, schools and communities. Working with LGBTQQA+ youth is also a passion. I hope to learn strategies that will assist in training adults within the school setting – to improve communication, interactions and services to students with trauma backgrounds.

  32. Hi everyone, my name is Deborah Yarbrough from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am a Site Coordinator at a High School. I work with urban youth. I hope to gain a better understanding of how trauma affects our youth. I would like to have better understanding as to how I can help our youth and those that serve youth! I looking forward to to sharing and learning for you all!

  33. Hello Everyone! I’m Mary Beth from Fairfax VA. I am an Early Childhood Educator, Yoga & Mindfulness teacher. I currently teach kids prek-teens (and adults). Most of my work is at schools either after school enrichment or in school modules. Yoga and mindfulness teaches about the mind body connection and i am hoping to gain greater knowledge about the effects of trauma and incorporate that particularly in my yoga classes.

  34. Hello everyone – My name is Stephanie Johnson. Social Work is my field, and I currently work in Greensboro, NC as a Child & Family Advocate for children that have experienced trauma. I am also an adjuct professor at a theology college. I hope to gain additional knowledge and a better understanding of trauma that will assist me in continuing to provide “best services” to the children and families that I work with. I’m excited and looking forwward to a great learning expereience with all of you!

  35. Greetings to all from Belize C.A,

    I am Roxanne Jones and I work as the Facility Social Worker for a juvenile detention facility; the facility is for juveniles who come in conflict with the law. While working here I have been working with young people who has gone through some very difficult times in their young lives; some of which were way too traumatic. I am hoping to learn how to give my best service with the information that will be shared via this class. I am also looking forward widening my network and to learn from those who are taking this course with me.

  36. Good Afternoon All
    My name is France Westby from the country of Belize. I am a Community Rehabilitation Officer working with the at-risk youth population. I am connected to at-risk youths from the Cayo District. As a young person growing up I can see the effect of trauma in my life and how it had affected me as a person. It is my expectation that I am better at detecting and helping youth who have or are experiencing trauma in their lives. I want to provide the best service possible as the best practice in acting in the best interest of our children and youths here in Belize. I am looking forward to helping and becoming a part of this group as a support to my colleagues as well as to be supported.

    Humble to learn

    France Westby

  37. Hi Everyone,

    My Name is Alvin and I work as a Social Worker dealing with Youth who come in conflict with law and uncontrollable behavior. I also work with Youths who are in facilities and to some degree refugees. I live in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize City, Belize. I hope to gain a better understanding of how to identify and work with Youth who have experienced or exposed to trauma so I may be better equipped to assist with them.

  38. jtaylorchaffee86

    Hello all,
    My name is Justin Taylor and I am a manual therapist. I moved from Richmond, CA up to Mendocino County, CA about a week ago in order to start a private practice. My interest in working with the youth population came through my own struggle growing up in an unstable household. I am in the process of creating a mindfulness-based program for foster youth. In taking this class, I am hoping to gain better insight into my own trauma, as well gaining the necessary tools needed to help the foster youth who transitioning from care to the adult world.

  39. Hello everyone
    My name is Justina, I work as a residential children’s practitioner in a crisis children’s home for young people aged between 6 and 18 years old. The young people I work with can display challenging behaviour , have mental health issues, drug and alcohol use, concerns re exploration and also suffered trauma.
    I am hoping to refresh my knowledge and gain further insite to help me support the young people I work with and also feed back to my team at work.

  40. Hello everyone
    My name is Justina, I work as a residential children’s practitioner in a crisis children’s home for young people aged between 6 and 18 years old. The young people I work with can display challenging behaviour , have mental health issues, drug and alcohol use, concerns re exploration and also suffered trauma.
    I am hoping to refresh my knowledge and gain further insite to help me support the young people I work with and also feed back to my team at work. I live in the UK.

  41. Hello! My name is Ashley Wagle. I work as a prevention/intervention counselor for Archuleta School District. I do a good deal of crisis intervention as well as carry a large caseload of students I meet with on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I also teach substance use classes in school and for probation. I live in Pagosa Springs CO, near the 4 corners. It’s beautiful here! I hope to learn more skills surrounding helping students who have experienced trauma and how to help students recognize trauma triggers. Thanks!

  42. Hi All – I’m Sue. I am a yoga teacher working in a school district with kids in grades K-8. I live in a very progressive school district where yoga and mindfulness is incorporated into the school year. As the year progresses I am able to bring in secondary programs built to help kids, and their teachers, develop self regulating tools. I’ve been very interested in the neuroscience of the brain and how we hold onto our trauma on the physical sense. I’m looking forward to seeing how this can effect my teaching.

  43. Hi All,
    My name is Londa. I live and work in the Sacramento area. I work with adolescents in a high school setting. The classroom is specifically for emotionally desturbed kids. Which means most of the kids have experienced some kind of trauma. I am eager to learn more about interventions and how I can best assist these kiddos in healing and finding new ways to cope with challenges. Thanks for making this information available.

  44. Hi everyone!
    My name is Paulina, I am from Chile. I studied Psychology and focus in the Transpersonal área. I have been traveling and working over the last 4 years. I stoppeded in Peru for a year where I spend a few months working in an Atahuasca Retreat centre with a Shippibo Shaman and people who came from all around. Currently I am doing the GTT training to become a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator next year. For now, I am very exited to do this course where I hope to learn more knowledge around trauma and how I can be more prepared to facilitate others. Specially more treatment interventions or techniques.
    Thank you

  45. Hello! My name is Rachel and I work as an assistant principal in North Las Vegas, Nevada. I work with an at-risk population and most of our families are high poverty and have experienced a lot of trauma. I just recently graduated from the year long program through Mindful Schools and look forward to learning more about Trauma Informed leadership and skills to assist students and teachers within my building. Thanks!

  46. Hi,

    My name is Sherrie Cox from Monroe, Ga a suburb of Atlanta. I teach special education in the inclusive general education setting in our county and mentor troubled youth in the evenings. I see a variety of symptoms diagnosed as a specific learning disability or behavior disorder, yet see the real need to be healing from life’s trauma. I long to see the validity of that in this course and connect with you all as we seemingly are on similar paths in the varying occupations listed. My hope is to inspire folks around me to see their value and invest in the healing process for themselves.

  47. Hello Everyone!

    I’m Julie from Metro Manila, Philippines. I work for a Human Rights Organization. I’m a Social Worker dealing with teens and young people within an urban community. Several of the people I work with have had challenging experiences and I’m hoping to learn more on how to help them deal with those experiences. Thank you!

  48. Leila Middleton

    Hi everyone!!

    Greetings from Belize, Central America!!

    My name is Leila Middleton. I am a Social Mobilizer in Belmopan (capital of Belize). As a Social Mobilizer I come in contact with various types of people. Young, old, sick, disabled, etc. I am looking forward to this course because I want to be able to get an insight as to what trauma does to individuals. I expect that this course will show me just that. This is necessary for me because I believe I need to be sensitized on this topic. Not everyone can be dealt with the same way. Persons with challenging backgrounds need to be handled more gently. I believe this course will teach me that.

    Well wishes to everyone on this course!!

  49. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Chelsea True. I’m from Napa, CA and live in Sonoma County — where the fires have been devastating and are not yet contained. I run a nonprofit that brings mindfulness education to schools and families here. I work with grades K-12 in a variety of environments, including public schools where 92% of students are from low-income families. I am hoping to gain more tools for working with trauma as my community will have a long journey towards healing in the years to come. I’m very grateful for this course, the timing, that I’m able to jump in now while our schools are still evacuated, and hoping to have a better sense of how to meet my students when the fires are contained and our schools re-open.

  50. Hi all, LaToya here from Belize, Central America!
    I am currently a Family Support Officer; whereby I work with, children, youths and families on a daily basis. I am working on becoming a Youth Counselor and looking forward to better enhance my knowledge of trauma, learn special interventions so that I can be more equipped and better able to understand and serve the youths I may come in contact with.

    Thank you

  51. Conseulo Hernandez

    Hi Everyone:
    My name is Consuelo Hernandez. I am from Belize. I am a Social Worker for the past 12 years. On a daily basis, I work with women and young girls that are victims of domestic violence or have experience other types of violence (Gender-Based Violence). I also do personal development sessions at school and high schools and work with empowerment of women in rural and urban communities. I am hoping to equip myself with skills and tools to be able to provide assistance to my clients experiencing trauma. I understand its an introduction course but , I am sure that I will gain a lot of knowledge, that will help me in my daily work as a social worker.

    Looking forward to enjoy this course.

  52. Hi everyone, I’m Janey Skinner and I work in San Francisco, California, USA, at a community college serving mostly working class young adults and adults, some adolescents too. A high proportion of my students are trauma survivors. I’m looking forward to learning more ways to help them, and to help them help others. What a great group this is, so many different experiences and regions represented.

  53. Hello. I am Carla Mickle. I live in Lubbock, TX, USA. I am a mental health and substance abuse counselor currently contracting with a juvenile detention center about an hour away. In the last few years, I have developed an interest in working with adults and adolescents who have offended sexually. Regardless of the presenting problem, trauma is a reoccurring theme that I encounter. I think trauma often gets overlooked and/or minimized particularly with those involved in the criminal justice system. I hope to learn new skills that will help me to connect with my clients and guide them through treatment in the most effective way possible.

  54. Hi All,
    My name is Maria. I work as a counsellor and mentor in Surrey, England. I work with young adults 18+ as well as older people. I am getting more enquiries lately from parents with teenagers seeking help with the difficulties they are experiencing with their young. I found my way onto to Sam’s course on trauma and I am happy to here to learn more about this subject.
    Happy learning 🙂

  55. Hi there!
    My name is Kate and I’m a counsellor in Halton, Ontario Canada. I currently do individual counselling in a therapy setting and group counselling with men that have used violence against their partners and children. Previously I have worked in the VAW sector as well as for a crisis line for children. I think everything I do needs to be trauma informed as everyone I work with has experienced trauma and it shapes their life and the way they process information. Looking forward to the course and developing new strategies!

  56. Hi my name is Yvonne Coupland. I am from British Columbia Canada. I am an Early Childhood Educator as well as a foster parent. I hope to gain a clearer picture of what trauma is and how it effects us through our lives. I am also hoping that I will come away with some tools to help and support the children in my care. Personally I am an Alienated Parent. I am wondering if I might gain some insight into mine and my child’s own trauma surrounding this and some tools to help us in the future.

  57. Cristina Mateus

    Hi all!!
    My name is Cristina Mateus and I am a teacher of Portuguese and French second language in an International school in Portugal. My interest on this course derives from my will to understand some behaviours from the kids I work wih and improve my response to them. I’ve worked as a social educator and it is very possible a re-direct myself to this area. I am at a moment of changing and learning.

  58. I my name is Iman Smith. I am from the country of Belize located in the Caribbean and Central America. I am a social worker and we work with young persons that come in contact with the law and uncontrollable behavior. I am stationed in Independence Stann Creek district Belize C.A. I hope to gain the understanding and knowledge in better identifying what is trauma and learning new ways in assisting clients in dealing with it.

  59. Hi all
    I am Dr. Krishnan Sivasubramoney. I am a psychiatrist by profession and I deal frequently with children , adolescents and adults with trauma, adjustment problems, personality problems and mental disorders. I am truly eager to go through the course. I hope to be enlightened about many aspects.
    Thanks a lot…

  60. Marcie Carballo

    Hi All my name is Marcie Carballo. I live in Belize City, Belize. I am a Social Work Supervisor working at Community Rehabilitation Department. Our work is mainly with youths who comes in conflict with the Law. I am looking forward to learning about trauma and how we can better meet the needs of youths who have been victims of Trauma

  61. My name is Melissa Hogan I live in Chippewa Falls, WI. I work as a treatment foster care social worker. I work with youth placed in out-of home-care at a treatment level. Very rarely do I work with a youth who has no trauma history. As I work with my families to provide trauma informed care I am always looking for resources and understanding to help my families help the difficult youth in their care. I am hoping to deepen my understanding of the impact of trauma on the brain and behavior and how to best meet the needs of these kids.

  62. Howdy Everyone,
    My name is Meghan. I am a high school science teacher from the seacoast area of NH. I am also a licensed foster parent. I have 2 daughters that we adopted after they had already experienced a lot of trauma. Navigating the school system with them has allowed me to see how badly the system needs to change to support students with trauma. My school currently has a small cohort researching this area now to see where we can make some changes to better support our students.

  63. Hi everyone,

    My name is Nico Quijano. I’m a supervisor and case manager for Cocoon House, which serves homeless teens and young adults in Everett, Washington. I hope to learn more about how trauma can affect my clients and their behavior, and gain more practical skills to share with the folks at my organization.

  64. Hi,
    My name is Sherilee Ovado, I am a Belizean. I live and work in Belize City, I work at Human Service Department under the Family Support Section(FSS) assign to the Good Samaritan Homeless Shelter with a population aging from 18 up. I hope this course will help me understand Traumatic behaviors of young clients intake into the Shelter as to offer better service to them and also pass on knowledge of the course to my staff as well.

  65. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Salina Mendoza, currently working as a project director with the California School-Based Health Alliance a statewide organization that works with school districts to expand school-based health centers, and health/mental health services on school campuses. I am also a Marriage Family Therapist Intern finishing my hours for licensure in a school setting. I want to learn more ways to support adults working with children and adolescents from a trauma-informed perspective. I look forward to learning with everyone.

  66. Hi all,

    My name is Nina Perko. I am a high school guidance counselor in Ann Arbor, MI. Given the immediate access to disturbing news, videos, pictures, etc., plus the increase in general traumatic events in students lives, I felt this would be a beneficial way to improve my understanding of the topic. I hope to develop some strategies to recognize trauma in my students and develop ways to help them be successful.

  67. Good day all!!

    My name is Elvira Cab from Belize City, Belize. I am a Community Development Officer with Family Support Services under Women’s Department. On a daily base we work with families/individuals seeking assistance and some if not all have been through some sort of traumatic experience and with the assistance of this course I am looking forward to acquire more knowledge as to identifying and methods I can use to assist the clients we serve.
    All the best everyone!!

  68. Hey everyone,

    My name is Louise Dempsey and I’m a Senior practitioner in a residential rehab. As well as this, I run a charity which operates in local schools, working with young people who are affected by substance misuse, either parental or their own. Most of the people that I work with have experienced trauma, and I feel that this course will be beneficial for the young people that I work with – the more that I know and understand the more i can help. I’m very excited about this and about meeting everyone online.

  69. My name is Dixie Zittlow living in the beautiful St. George UT. I am the Director of Outreach for the Dibble Institute. We train others in healthy relationship education and a component of that is being trauma informed and building resiliency in young people. I am hoping to continue to grow in my understanding of trauma informed care to help me in my life and to assist those I trained to be aware and prepared when working with youth.

  70. Pamela LaVergne

    Glad to be here! My name is Pam LaVergne. I am a social worker working as a mental health counselor at Catholic Community Services in Everett, WA. I work with low income individuals ranging from ages 2 to 21. I hope to gain more knowledge and tools to better serve clients that have experienced trauma.

  71. Tiffany Garbutt

    Good Afternoon,
    My Name is Tiffany Garbutt and I reside in the beautiful country of Belize. I am in possession of a BSW from the University of Belize with thirteen (13) years professional working experience with the various units of the Department of Human Services and the Policy and Planning Unit within the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. Working at the Ministry of Human Development have awarded me the experience in working within a variety of settings with diverse individuals providing me with numerous and valuable experiences. I am very excited to partake in this course with the hope of gaining more knowledge as it relates to trauma and how I can be better equipped to support others in this regard.

  72. My name is Amy and I am a CMT living and working in the California bay area. In my work, I am seeing more frequently/consistently the body-mind connection when trauma has been experienced. My goal in taking the course is to continue to learn how to identify and gain more insight into trauma so I can be more effective in supporting others.

  73. Hello. My name is Deidre Gestrin. I am a LPC working with youth and families in Baker City, OR. I work with many adolescents in our residential drug and alcohol treatment facility. My goal for this course is to continue improving my knowledge of trauma as it pertains to working with youth and their families.

  74. Hi, all. I’m Laurie, an educator in Bellingham, WA with two decades’ experience serving youth and educators in public high school settings. Currently, I serve youth and educators throughout WA state and the Pacific Northwest with mindfulness and other resilience-related practices. I’m hoping to affirm my own knowledge, collaborate in community with all of you, and gain new insights into how to serve those impacted by trauma more skillfully.

  75. Hi, all. Im Jackie, a Therapeutic support worker within an alternate provission school for students 11-16. Living and working in Cumbria, England. My goal is to learn more about youths affected by trauma and to learn how I can better support them.

  76. Katie Zienkiewicz

    Good Morning Everyone!
    My name is Katie Zienkiewicz and I’m a school psychologist in York County, Pennsylvania. I work in a Therapeutic Emotional Support classroom at the secondary level (grades 9-12). I am very excited to continue learning how to better support my teens dealing with trauma.

  77. Hi,

    My name is Brian Shapiro and I am an instructor at First Exposures, a photography-based one on one mentoring program in San Francisco, CA. I am looking forward to being able to better understand and work with both our youth in the program and the mentors as well.

  78. Hi,
    My name is Aurora, from Torreon, Mexico, I am family and marriage psychotherapist and art therapist as well, I´ve worked with teenagers and youth for a long time and have designed educational art therapy programs for psychologists, educators and social workers. I´m looking forward to refresh and learn new skills in order to serve and help better as a mental health profesional. I´m very glad to be here and would like to share and get to know the group, I´ll be looking forward to meet everybody in the final webinar. meanwhile I´m ready to enjoy the course.

  79. Hello all,

    My name is John Hintze and I am a Professor of School Psychology at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. I have been a school psychologist for 35 years, splitting time as a practitioner in the public schools (first half of my career) and now as a trainer. In addition, I maintain a part-time private practice and often encounter children and adolescents with trauma histories. As well, with some colleagues at the university, we have been asked by some nearby schools to provide consultation with respect to school-based trauma-informed care and practices. My hope and goals for taking this course is to learn more about trauma and trauma informed care and to use this knowledge in my work with schools and with youth I see privately.

  80. Hi everyone,
    My name is Alice and I’m an early childhood educator in Portland, OR.
    I heard about the course though Barnaby Willet of Peace In Schools, here in Pdx.
    I hope to gain a better awareness of the needs of the youth in my care who might be slipping through the cracks.
    Looking forward to this course!

  81. Good night from Belize, Central America!
    My name is Marcie Teul and I am currently a Social Mobilizer with the Women’s Department. I work with children, youth and families. I hope to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of trauma; signs, symptoms and interventions so that I can be better able to identify and then serve clients who may be living through trauma or its effects.
    Thank you

  82. Hey all, I am Mike Bauer and live in Portland, Oregon, I teach at a comprehensive high school grades 9 – 12. Currently my job is split between .5 special education and .5 government/economics. I have worked 17 years teaching students with mental health issues and backgrounds that are outside the norm. I am always looking for ways to engage our most at-risk populations to make then sty/buy-in to education.

  83. A pleasant good day, I am Renan Blake all the way from Belize City, Belize, Central America which I must state is a beautiful sub-tropical country. I am currently working at a juvenile youth facility as a Section Supervisor catering to youths in their respective rehabilitation process during their respective duration stay at the facility. On a daily basis, I am able to see the end results of exposure effects of trauma in our youths as we care for them during this process. I am excited to be talking and studying more about the amygdala in the brain and its functions, window of tolerance, on-spot interventions of trauma and I am looking forward to gain more knowledge especially in the area of interventions that I may be able to add into my tools box of trauma so to speak as I serve and cater to my youths. All in all, I am here to gain more knowledge, updated techniques and interventions that I may apply during my service to my youths.

  84. Hi Everyone,
    I’m Susan from St Louis. I teach mindfulness to kids using the Mindful Schools & Mindful Life curriculums.
    Megan and Chris at Mindful Schools referred me to this program- they feel that Sam is the gold standard in youth,
    trauma-affected and otherwise. Looking forward to learning with you.

  85. Leeza McFadzean

    Good Morning
    I am Leeza McFadzean from Belize City, Central America. I am currently a Relief Community Development Officer working in Child Protection at the Department of Human Servies. In the field of Child protection on a daily basis I work with children and youths that have experienced some level of trauma in their life. I am therefore looking forward to gain more knowledge on trauma so I can better be able to work with my clients.

  86. Sharette Gentle

    Hi, all. I am Sharett Gentle, Social Worker at Ministry of Human Development, station in Belmopan, Cayo District. In my unit, Child Placement Specialized Services (CPSS), we are responsible for family and Children, we deal with children that are Ward of the Department (for those who do not know what WARD means, this is where the State attain Custody of a child/ren). I also deal with youth in Institutions and Foster Home, along with any special assigned cases that sometimes comes in contact with youth at risk of Trauma. So, this training will be like a refresher course and for me to receives new information; on how to assist child/ren whether in the Department care or Foster Homes, that are traumatized in many ways. Some times Trauma is unseen to the Human eyes, so this training comes at a perfect timing.

    # errorintypingbecasueofrushingoutofoffice

  87. Martha Ríos-López

    Hi there,
    I’m Martha from Mexico. Live part-time in a beautiful spot in the forest (Parque Nacional El Tepozteco), and part-time in Mexico City.
    I’ve been doing Sam’s courses since the Summer (I think), or a bit before. Now I’m so excited to be registered for this cohort in the Trauma-Informed Course.
    I’m a Mindfulness Teacher, trained in the Buddhist tradition for over 23 years(trained in the UK for fifteen years) now and later in the different modern traditions starting with that of Jon Kabat-Zinn (Mindfulness trained in the UK, Spain and Mexico). I’m also a trained Psychotherapist (with posgrad studies in Mexico and the UK) working with people who have suffered some kind of trauma and developed an addictive behavior. I’m an addict in recovery myself (codependency, over eating and love and sex addiction) and have dealt with my own traumatized past for many a year.
    I’m doing this course because I’ve been working with people with self-harming and addictive behaviors and as many of you know, trauma is one important factor to consider when supporting them.

  88. Hi, my name is Laura Kapitan and I am a School Counselor at Minnesota Connections Academy, located in St. Paul Minnesota. I am a K-12 School Counselor and am eager to learn more about how I can help students with trauma in a virtual setting.

  89. I am an MSW student in Seattle. I have worked at a crisis line for 15 years. My practicum is at a local ED.

  90. Hi all, my name is Kortney and I work in a community mental health agency in Northeast Florida (USA). My company has a contract with the community-based care agency in or area and we work with children and families who have been involved with Child Protective Services. I often encounter generational and complex trauma, and I’d like to brush up on some more specific knowledge and approaches for helping my client base. Looking forward to working with you all!

  91. sven.glietenberg

    Hi all. My name is Sven and I’m a high school English teacher in Soweto, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Most of the kids in my school come from low socio-economic backgrounds and many have had experiences of trauma. I pick up a lot of their stories while reading their writing and working with the school’s drama society after school. I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of trauma so that I can be better able to serve the kids I work with. I would also like to be able to better take care of myself in the process because I often feel like I am quite seriously affected by a lot of the things the kids bring to my attention.

  92. Hi. I’m Carol Frame and I’m very excited to take this course. I heard Dr. Himelstein speak at a conference and connected with his mindfulness approach for youth who have experienced trauma. As a trainer and program developer for the Dibble Institute, I recently provided assistance for a new curriculum focused on helping youth overcome trauma. I am hoping to deepen my understanding of trauma, learn new mindfulness techniques for youth, become a better trainer around trauma issues, and also grow my personal mindfulness practice.

  93. Hello:
    I am Kim Palmer and I work as a clinical mental health counselor in UT. I am the owner and director of a small practice and have two offices, one in Salt Lake and one Ogden (approximately 45 miles north of Salt Lake City. I have been a therapist for 30 plus years and work with all types of individuals, couples, families and at risk youth. Presently I am the chair of the annual conference for the Utah Association for Domestic Violence Treatment (UADVT). I have been a member for the past three years and am in my second year as the chair. I have also been a corrections officer and counselor at the state prison as well as a probation officer. I am a survivor of domestic violence, trauma and abuse therefore extremely passionate about our youth and how they can be impacted earlier rather than later in their lives.

  94. LaTasha Castillo

    Hi my name is LaTasha Castillo I am from Belize where I work as a social worker. I work in the Child Protect Service. Working in this field the children I encounter experience variety of trauma and I would like to know how to better address these situation. In doing so I will be able to provide better services to the clients.

  95. Hi, my name is Dina Henry and I live in Mooresville NC. I am special education teacher and also an adopted parent of a child that experienced a lot of early childhood trauma. I would like to transition out of teaching and either become a school guidance counselor or a mental health therapist . My graduate degree was in Special education and my focus was behavior .

  96. How inspiring to see the enthusiasm, dedication and desire to learn about trauma-informed care represented in this cohort from all over the world! I’m excited to be part of it, and happy to have found this course. I am the campus supervisor for a middle school in upper Napa Valley, California, where we are preparing to welcome students back to school on Monday after a 2 week hiatus due to the horrific wildfires in the region — so the timing of this course could not be better! The population of my school shows a rather drastic disparity in income, but I see evidence of trauma in students at all points on the economic spectrum. My hope is to gain knowledge and skills so that my interactions with students who are having behavioral issues or who are in crisis will support them in healing and lead toward healthy self-regulation.

  97. Hi everyone,

    My name is Oscar Pérez. I live in Grass Valley, California, and I have been working with teenagers, young adults, and at-risk youth for the past 15 years. I currently do educational consulting with my partner, Taya Malakian, throughout Northern California using mindfulness practices, storytelling, nature connection, and cross-cultural approaches to facilitate community building and conflict resolution in schools and in families. I have a Ph.D. from Brown University, where I studied cross-cultural approaches to healing trauma through storytelling and ritual. I also work as a mentor with an organization called the Gateway Mountain Center, that focuses on helping teens succeed by building their self-confidence and self-awareness through experiences in the outdoors. I do this work because I also had a traumatic upbringing and was very self-destructive up until my early twenties, when I had an experience that woke me up and turned my whole life around. Since then I have worked with kids and teens in similar circumstances out of a determination to be the positive role model for them that I didn’t have in my own life. I love this work.

  98. I am Patia Tabar. I work in the Cincinnati, Ohio are as an in-home therapist for lower SES populations, most of whom have suffered significant trauma. I’m hoping to expand my practice to children and families because I believe that helping children will forestall significant issues for the future. That’s why I wanted to take this course.

  99. Hi, my name is Sandra Naccarato, I live in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I work at the hospital in emergency and I.C.U. , I do counselling at CFS, and I also help teach an on line Indigenous Health Class. I’m excited to take this course and want to learn as much as I can.
    Thank you

  100. Hello!
    My name is Amanda Stine, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but just moved a few months ago to Seattle, WA. In my previous job, I was working in a SF elementary and middle school doing individual therapy with the kids there. I left when my daughter was born though, and now two years later, am working on getting my MFT Intern license transferred here to WA state instead. I’m taking this course because it’s been on my radar since before I left practice, and thought it would be a great way to start getting my head back in the game. Looking forward to learning.

  101. Hi everyone! I’m Anna from rural South Australia – a little town called Waikerie. My background in is homelessness services and family reunification. I have previously worked with a lot of young women recovering from childhood sexual abuse, but currently work alongside local teens through a youth hub who have varied experiences. I am very interested in taking trauma informed approaches to care and therapeutic interventions. And I am very excited to be studying alongside such a big international cohort of youth workers. Looking forward to learning from and with you all!

  102. Good Morning Everyone,

    My name is Althia Gayle. I am a School Social Worker. I work in a city outside of Chicago, IL. I work in a junior high setting. I hope to understand more about Trauma with the hope to extend my knowledge to others to help support our youth. I want to transition from the school setting to working more in the community. I hope this training will give me more insight on how to work with youth who are dealing with trauma and support those who may be suffering in silence. I look forward learning with everyone.

  103. Sabeth Rodriguez

    Blessings To All:
    My name is Sabeth Rodriguez, I am from Belize, A country in Central America. I am a Social Worker for the Women and Family Support Department. Currently, my post is Supervisor for a wrap around service program in our Ministry called BOOST+. We work with families by liaising with other Organizations to provide families with a holistic approach, providing a canvas of resources to all the different areas of concerns the families may be facing. At times we encounter children/youths who experiences a traumatic event and the family is unable to provide support to the child/youth, hence the reason, I truly appreciate this training to learn what is trauma and how we can assist these families to work through a traumatic situation with their child/youth. To provide pertinent information to these families is my main goal. Education is key.

  104. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Harpreet Gill. I am located in Everett, WA. I am a Coordinated Entry Supervisor at Cocoon House. In my position, I mostly work with young adults(18-24) experiencing homelessness. As an agency, we with youth from 12-24 years old. I am really excited to gain new skills that I can apply to better understand and help the youth I serve. Thank you providing this training. Looking forward to learning from you and my cohort.

  105. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Heather English and I am a Learning Support Teacher in Invermere, BC, Canada. I am hoping that this course will give me a greater understanding of how ACEs impact my students and strategies for better meeting their needs.

    Heather English

  106. Blanca Verduzco

    Hello All-
    My name is Blanca Verduzco and I am a Restorative Practices School Counselor/Coach for Fresno Unified School District. I work with elementary students grades K-6, parents, and staff. I am hoping to deepen my understanding of trauma and learn about interventions and strategies to help support the students and families we serve. Look forward to learning with everyone!

  107. Hi! I’m Barbie Nall and I am a teacher of 20 years in Pensacola, Florida. I have taught adults, high school students, and middle school students throughout my tenure. Currently, I am teaching grades 6-12 (all subjects) in a residential treatment facility for youth with drug and alcohol challenges. The students range from ages 13-18 and are with me a total of 4 1/2 hours each school day. We are only a 2-room school and I have no more than 10 students at any one time. Our facility is not a juvenile justice locked facility, but some (most) of the students are court ordered to be here.

    I became interested in learning about trauma after seeing the movie Paper Tigers. The school portrayed is where I want to work (or one like it). I feel my city is suffering from generational trauma and the outcomes/consequences are continuing without people being aware of the severe difficulty that comes from being exposed or living through trauma. I’m thankful to FINALLY find an online certificate course to help me “prove” my knowledge and can’t wait to learn more with everyone. Ultimately, my students are the reason I’m here! I want to help each of them and learning more about trauma will enable me to provide/serve my students better.

  108. Thomas Golebiewski

    Hi All,

    My name is Tom, I live and work in the Chicagoland area. i am a clinical social worker. I’ve worked in school throughout my career. I’m currently working as a Consultant with several different school who are integrating Social emotional Learning and Restorative Justice practices and hope to add trauma informed components to their programs. I hope to bring my learning from this training into their thinking, programs and development.

  109. Hello everyone,
    My name is Amy Bourbeau, I’m a Certified School Psychologist working in a School District that covers 300kms (roughly 190 miles), out of Invermere, BC, Canada. I work with all of the students from K-12 who require psych services. I have previously worked in school districts in Manitoba, Canada, and Michigan, USA, and in a clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Through this course, I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of what my students might be dealing with, and also broadening my knowledge of strategies and interventions to better support my students and their families.

  110. Hi all,

    My name is Elana Morgulis. I’m a licensed psychotherapist at La Cheim School in El Sobrante, CA. I work with high risk adolescents in a non-public setting providing individual, group, and family therapy. The youth and families I work with have endured severe trauma throughout their lives. I’m also a yoga instructor and often use yoga and mindfulness in my work. I’m looking forward to deepening my understanding of trauma and gaining confidence in effectively working with the youth. Thanks for being here!

  111. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Abby Cerino and I’m a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist with Gateway Mountain Center in Grass Valley, CA. I’m also a credentialed teacher, life coach and yoga teacher in training. I’m taking this course to strength my ability to understand and support the youth I work with.

    I look forward to learning and growing with you all.


  112. Hello all
    Sorry to be so late to the game here! I finally found the emails coming in with info for the class!
    My name is Stacey Hammerlind and I work in the Newport, New Hampshire, USA as the Family and Community Coordinator and the Homeless Liaison. Newport is a rural poverty area and the children we work with have so much going on in their lives that many of them cannot succeed in school.
    I am interested in this course to be able to identify what is truly trauma related- Everything is referred to as trauma right now-and I am not saying it isn’t an accurate label at all- I think it IS but I need parameters and data to present to teachers saying “yes it is trauma based and here is how we can work with this” and secondly I am hoping to figure out how to address trauma during the chaos of a regular school day when in a class of 20+ kids , 2 or 3 of them are constantly being removed for disruptive behavior only to return further behind because of the learning they have missed and their bad feelings about themselves having been reinforced.

  113. Hello
    I am glad to be joining the group I am from California and I teach Youth Yoga and Mindfulness..

  114. Hi All,
    My name is Alicia and I am an Educational Psychologist from Trinidad and Tobago. My hope is by doing this course, I gain better insights into helping the young people I work with daily.

  115. Greetings from Belize, Central America. I work with a non-profit NGO working to end child sexual abuse & human trafficking. We provide services for survivors of abuse & trauma.

  116. Hello!

    Writing from Chicago, IL. I am a school-based occupational therapist looking to integrate mental health into practice!

  117. Hi there! I’m Becky Alemán and I am a Restorative Practices Counselor and LCSW in Fresno, California. In a nutshell, I work within an urban comprehensive high school striving to implement practices that support strengthening relationships so when there is a harm or hurt that occurs and restorative justice processes are used, there exists a relationship worth restoring. Since we know trauma impacts and impedes on so much, I’m hoping to learn or be reminded of ways to implement trauma-informed practices into my scope of practice with parents, youth, and school employees. Looking forward to our time together!

  118. Patricia Gallardo

    Hi All! My name’s Patricia Gallardo and I’m a Restorative Practices Counselor with Fresno Unified School District. Currently, I am working at two elementary school with students K-6. I’m looking forward to gaining a greater understanding of trauma-informed practices so that I can provide students, teachers and staff with tools and strategies to help them succeed.

  119. Hello everyone. My name is Brad Wiebe and I’m the Supervisor of the Employment Program at the Association for Community Living in Kenora, Ontario (Canada). We are supporting an increased number of crown wards and other individuals that have had a difficult upbringing. I am hoping to expand my knowledge around trauma-informed care and implement what I learn with my team.

  120. Hello Everyone! My name Is Irma Rickman, im a clinical psychologist from Monterrey, Mexico. Im currently working as a therapist and evaluator in a catholic seminary with students who want to become priests. I hope this course will help me achieve more knowledge and techniques to help me become more effective in helping my clients.

  121. Hi All! My name is Caitlin Belvin, I’m a psychiatric occupational therapist that recently made a career change to working in the inner city school district of St. Louis. I spent the last four years working on an inpatient adult mental health unit where I was incorporating a trauma informed care approach through a Sensory Modulation program on my unit. I have been hoping to learn more about trauma informed care specifically for youth and adolescents so that I can better help my team and the students that I am currently working with every day.

  122. Hello everyone! My name is Wendy Perez, LCSW, ACADC. I work in Boise, ID. I work in an integrated health care environment and my own practice. I am trauma informed but would like to become a trauma expert in order to help all my clients, no matter their age. Thank you for the online course!

  123. Hi I’m Cara Weiler a social worker in Kalamazoo Michigan working with Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo. Hoping to continue growing in transitioning my experience in understanding and treating trauma in the mental health world to support my staff working day to day with students in our schools.

  124. Hello everyone,

    my name is Erika and I am a restorative practice counselor in Fresno, CA. I hope to build my capacity in trauma and how it affects youth so that I am better equipped when working with this population.

  125. Hi all,
    I’m Juan Olmedo and I’m a therapist and supervisor in private practice in New York City. I’m interested in the course to learn more about working with young adults who have experienced trauma and to build on some of the readings of providers like Bessel van der Kolk and to know more about neuroscience. Looking forward to the learning!

  126. Hi all,
    My name is Niamh Ryan. I’m a Youth Justice Worker in Cork, Ireland. I work with young people aged 12-18 who have been in trouble with the Gardai (police) and referred to the Garda Youth Diversion Project (GYDP) where I work. We provide various interventions across all areas of a young person’s life in order to try and deter them from re-offending. Looking forward to seeing how this course can help me in my job!

  127. Hello everyone, my name is Marlene Ramirez and I am currently a Restorative Practices School Counselor in Fresno CA. I am looking forward to learning more about trauma, its effects, and best practices for helping our students.

  128. Greetings,
    My name is Wendy Anderson. I work as a special education teacher in a rural elementary school in northern New Hampshire. I work with many students whose lives have been impacted by traumatic events. My husband and I also became licensed foster parents 14 years ago and later adopted two foster children. Both children experienced trauma early in life. I look forward to learning more about trauma, its impact, and how to better help the children I work and live with.

  129. Hi, My name is Lindsay Butters and I am in private practice in Hingham, MA. I mostly work with adolescents, adults, and couples. I have realized that all of my clients have been impacted by some kind of trauma, so this course is music to my ears in regards to enhancing my work with my patients. I look forward to learning more!

  130. Hi

    My name is Kirsten Davis. I am a Clinical Psychologist working in Auckland, New Zealand. I am excited to do the course as much of my work involves working with young people and adults with exposure to trauma. I am very involved in DBT training, consultation and therapy and hope this course will enhance that area of my work. Thanks for the opportunity to do this course. I am getting into it a little late as I have been on leave but hope to focus on catching up in the next two weeks.


  131. Marnette Westby

    I am Marnette Westby from the beautiful country of Belize in Central America. I work with the at-risk youths in my country those who are at risk at coming in contact with the law and those who have com in contact with the law. Our organization was set-up in part because of the gang culture epidemic that our country is facing and the increase of crime and violence that comes with this culture. Sharpening my skills is always a plus to work effectively with this population, as well for my personal growth and development .
    Warm Belizean greetings all,
    Marnette Westby,JP

  132. warm greetings,

    my name is kimlee, from sagkeeng first nation, now living in winnipeg, manitoba. over a decade experience in trauma and family courts. hoping to help my own children as well as other mothers and children re-victimized through the legal system, create a trauma informed process for addressing family separation, basically promote more trauma awareness through all stages and systems of life.

  133. Hello,
    My name is Stephanie and I work for a youth mentoring program in Wisconsin. I am looking forward to learning more about trauma and how I can better interact with the youth and adults I work with, as well as help coach and support mentors in supporting their mentees who have experienced trauma.

  134. Lekshmy Kothandarama Iyer

    Hello friends, I am Lekshmy from India. I am practising mindfulness for the last six years, mentoring people and children from different walks of life, on mindfulness. I am a freelance researcher psychologist working primarily with young adults.

  135. Hello, my name is Amy Lichonczak, I am an educator and professional educational working in Virginia and Texas. I wanted to learn more about ACEs, emotional trauma and look forward to applying it in may interactions with young adults and parents of young adults.

  136. Frankie Guzman

    Hey all . My name is Frankie Guzmán, juvenile justice attorney at the National Center for Youth Law in Oakland, CA. I’d like to learn how to better engage and support youth with significant histories of abuse and neglect, and to teach others to recognize trauma and respond appropriately.

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