Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care

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  1. Hi I’m Aisha from Trinidad and Tobago and work with an NGO which deals with distressed youth, specifically with institutionalized girls… hope to gain insight as to how to treat with them as it pertains to their mental health and helping them move beyond their various issues.

  2. Hello, my name is Angela and I currently teach as a special Education teacher grades kindergarten through 2nd grade. In addition, I am a Homebound teacher for several students and at times work with students involved with Juvenille probation. My goal for taking this course is to learn more about trauma and the effects on young learners and how to be aware of the challenges this may present as a teacher to better support my kiddos.

  3. BrittanyHolmes

    Hi, my name is Brittany. I work with children and adolescents who have experience trauma relating to abuse and who have been a part of the child safety system for most of their life. I live in Queensland Australia and am wanting to expand my knowledge regarding trauma informed practice.

  4. Hello, I’m Adeline from Singapore, hot tropical country 365 days throughout the year. I am a counselor with a counseling centre and have been working with clients who were traumatized through attachment injures during their childhood or adolescent developmental life stage. Thus, it led me to want to discover and learn more about trauma and its impact. I am also working with youths who experiences neglect and another reason that led me to this course to want to learn how to best journey and support them. Looking forward!

  5. Clarissa Hodge

    Hi! I’m Clarissa from Fairfield, Ohio. I work at a local children’s home which cares for abused and neglected children. These children are quite traumatized by life events and I want to be more informed on how best to meet their needs. I have been researching trauma informed care for over a year now so I am very excited to participate in this course.

  6. Hi, I’m Daniel and I’m an LMFT but currently work as a program manager for an NGO out of Baltimore, Maryland but am remotely assigned in West Texas. I am working with local organizations and schools in rural communities that work with youth to help empower them and prepare them for their next steps post-high school. Most of the youth are underrepresented minorities that are high risk and have many challenges (i.e. single parent household, poverty, language barriers, lack of supportive resources, including mental health). What I’m hoping to get from this course is a deeper understanding of trauma in youth populations and learn different interventions and tools to help support the youth and my work with them.

  7. Hi, my name is Jeff. I live here on the coast of California in the San Francisco’s Bay Area. I make my living as a building contractor and have developed my mindfulness practice into a part-time teaching practice through various trainings over the past four years. (Including MBSAT with Sam/CAS) One of the ways I am of service is through volunteering with the Mind Body Awareness Project bringing these skills and techniques to incarcerated youth. Among other classes I offer (Outside provider at High Schools), I feel this is where the course will be most beneficial. Looking forward to the most current and advanced information and methodology in working with this population and deepening my understanding of trauma and it’s manifestations in youth

  8. Hi, I am Danielle. I am currently working with youth in a school based case management program. I am currently getting ready to graduate with my MSW where I will continue my work with adolescents. I hope to also gain a deeper understanding of trauma in youth populations that I can apply to my direct services.

  9. Hello, my name is Jocelyn and I am a School Counselor in an elementary school in California. Looking forward to brushing up on my trauma skills! =)

  10. Hi! My name is Danielle Kaho, and I am a Middle School counselor for the Jefferson Elementary School District in Daly City, CA. I have my degree in SW from SF State University and in grad school was introduced to the ACES Theory and how youth that have experienced trauma in their lives tend to have lasting issues throughout their academic journey. Now that I am working in a Middle School, I feel like it is very important for me to have as much knowledge as I can to be able to recognize the signs of a ACES and what interventions we as a school community can put into place for them.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I’m Leslie, I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m a therapist in a residential facility for adolescent girls. Trauma-informed care is becoming my passion and I am looking to become certified. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all.

  12. Hi I’m Kadian from Jamaica! I have been working with youth ministries for over 10 years and wish to enhance my skills in this area. I have a Sisters’ Keepers program for young girls who have been raped and molested and I want to become certified as I will be opening a support center soon. I am also a University lecturer and hope to use these skills during my one on one consultation as well. Very excited!

  13. Hello to all! My name is Gretchen Grierson, MFT in Las Vegas, NV. I have been in private practice for over 20 years; This past year, however, I was asked to support the mental health needs and programming for the first publically funded Recovery High School in the country, Mission High School. Although I have worked with trauma related issues over this past many years, this particular work at the High School has lead me to search for more, as many of the youth we are assessing for the school have complicated pasts, to say the least. I am very much looking forward to watching and learning from this training. Thank You for putting it together.

  14. Hi Everyone. I’m from Scottsdale, AZ. I’m a licensed counselor here. I’m in private practice, and hope to set up groups for teens who have addicted, recovering, and or mentally ill parents. I worked in an ED classroom and was horrified by the “treatment” by the behavioral coach. I see trauma informed care as such an important knowledge base for working with all sorts of everyday people.

  15. Hi, ya’ll. My name is Alison Dunn. I work at Promise Place, which is a rape crisis/sexual assault resource center in Eastern North Carolina (Craven, Jones, and Pamlico counties). We offer crisis interventions for sexual assaults/rape, advocacy, outreach/education, trauma-focused therapy (clinical program is for all forms of traumatic stress – not just sexual assault). We serve adults, children, and adult survivors of child sexual assault. Recently I moved from advocacy into prevention and am the Prevention Coordinator with our organization. Most of this programming focuses on youth (teens for the most part at this point in time). I work with three different teen groups currently. Each is a different context and the degrees of past trauma and involvement in foster care, juvenile justice, and behavioral health systems ranges a great deal from person to person and group to group. I feel relatively comfortable w/the trauma basics (always can learn more, though) but am taking this course as a refresher there and, more specifically, to get some population specific information, skills, and ideas for this new area of youth programming we’re entering into and learning from those with more experience in this side of the work!

  16. Hello!
    My name is Elizabeth. I work at a non-profit mentoring service in the Denver, CO area. I supervise staff who provide mentoring to youth who are 10-18 years old and have child protective services caseworkers. We work with very high risk youth who have experienced or are experiencing complex trauma. I hope to gain more insight on how to be responsive, available, and helpful to these youth. I would like to have more awareness on how trauma is impacting their lives and what I can do to be a supportive adult to them.
    I look forward to working with you all!

  17. Hi my name is Noreen and I am from Cork, Ireland. I am working as a Social Worker in Child Protection Services, so I work primarily with families in crises but particularly with children who have been or are at risk of abuse, physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect. I am working with families who have experienced trauma over generations and I want to gain knowledge, insight and a deeper understanding of trauma especially with the young people I am engaging with and to develop skills to foster a better relationship with young people. I am looking forward to learning and getting immersed in this training.

  18. Greetings from York, Pennsylvania. My name is Karyn and I’m the Director of Pupil Services in a public school district. The Pupil Services Dept is comprised of school counselors, psychologists, social workers, special education teachers/aides, as well as alternative education programming for youth. The reason I enrolled in this program is to gain insight on how we can better connect and support students today. My background is in teaching and administration but I’ve found that the needs of students are more complex than ever. If I can expand my understanding of the behaviors that some students may exhibit or the reactions they have to certain environments/situations, I’ll be a more effective resource to our staff and parents which will ultimately better service our students.

  19. My name is Janell. I am a teacher and BCBA working in Fresno, CA. I work for our Early Learning department serving PreK,, TK and Kinder. Sometimes I work with teachers and sometimes I work directly with kids. I became very interested in trauma informed care after hearing about the ACE’s study and watching Paper Tigers. The physiological effects of trauma is what really got my attention. The little ones I work with often have endured more than any adult would be able to handle. My goal is to use my training as a BCBA along with the knowledge that comes from courses like this to work toward creating an environment at school that allows kids to feel safe, build relationships and be successful in school.

  20. Hi,I’m Ann Marie from Trinidad and Tobago and I’m involved with an NGO which deals with youths at risk specifically institutionalized girls.I hope to expand my knowledge regarding trauma informed practice so that I can assist them in dealing with their challenges.

  21. Hello! I’m Ayesha, from Daly City, CA. This is my very first year working as a school counselor. A co-worker recommended this course to me, and I am looking forward to becoming a trauma informed professional. I work with grades 6-8 at a local middle school. I hope to gain lots of new knowledge about how to use the practice of trauma informed care in my job!

  22. Hi I’m Jen. I’m the Supervisor of Education Programs at a school for special needs students in NJ. I also work at a psychiatric hospital where Trauma Informed Care is practiced with the clients. I hope to learn to be a better advocate for my students and help them through their education in a safe, supportive environment.

  23. Hi, I’m Becca Hamilton from Oklahoma city, OK. I’m a LMHCA currently working for a non profit company. I work with young men 18-24 that are street homeless living in a transitional housing . I’m looking to get more information on how to help these young men and their Trauma grow and become successful. They stay with us for two years.

  24. Hello Sam & all
    My name is Rachel & I am in NSW, Australia. I am a senior clinician in a joint government unit comprising Police, statutory child protection and Health, and we investigate and respond to serious child abuse (mostly sexual assault) of children aged to 16, or to 18 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.
    It has been a long time since I have studied so I am keen to brush up on my knowledge & skills.

  25. Hi. I’m Amy. I live in San Bruno (essentially San Francisco/Bay Area). I am a preschool director in Mill Valley, and at our school we’re strongly informed by attachment theory and we practice continuity of care so that the teachers loop with their primary caregiving group of children from age 2 until entry into kindergarten. I’ve taken a trauma-informed care series through the Marin County Office of Education this past year, and it’s fascinating. I can see how it fits nicely with our philosophy of attachment patterns; I’m eager to understand more about how to distinguish trauma in early childhood from the normal range of what child development looks like in children 0-5 or 0-6 or 0-8. But honestly I’m taking this class *equally much* because my step-children, who are nearly 16, have experienced chronic trauma in their mother’s home, and about a year and a half ago we got full custody of them, which means that we are dealing with a lot of PTSD and emotional reactivity at home. I hope to learn both about trauma in ECE and about adolescence.

  26. I am Eric King, minister from Gilmer Tx. I am wanting to add to my ministry by getting some training in the area of youth trauma.

  27. I am Kristy Smith. I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT). Currently, I work as a therapist in a middle school in western Minnesota. I am looking to find strategies that I can share with teachers and my clients to help them better understand and support students with trauma.

  28. Henrietta Sandoval

    I am Henrietta Sandoval. I am a School Counselor in a urban middle school. I would like to learn more interventions and strategies to support students and teachers in the classroom.

  29. Henrietta Sandoval

    Henrietta Sandoval here again I forgot to mention the middle school I work at is in Denver, Colorado

  30. Hi! My name is Lindsy Self. I am a school counselor at a middle school in Daly City, CA (outside of San Francisco). I hope to use skills learned to advocate for students who have experienced trauma.
    Additionally, I would like to learn how to better support teachers who also work with these students.

  31. Hello! I’m Sam, A Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist in Chicago, IL. I’m looking forward to learning more about he relationship between trauma and addiction.

  32. Hello! My name is Emily and I’m a therapist in the Central, IL region. I typically work with adolescent males with trauma background. I’m hoping to refine or possibly learn new techniques in working with the specific population.

  33. Hey everyone! I am Jolene Stark and I am a special education teacher here in Denver, CO. I’m anticipating how to match specialized trauma plans with each child’s needs

  34. Hello! My name is Tanya. I am originally from Mexico but I live in Ithaca, NY. I am yoga teacher and mindfulness trainee working in a high school as a wellness instructor. I would like to better understand and support students with trauma.

  35. Hey all, my name’s Darryl Neufeld, I’m taking a job as a mentor here in Tahoe California, working with youth that may have trauma in their background. I’m hoping to deepen my understanding of trauma, his it affects us and how it is healed, and learn some practices for working with kids with trauma, particularly things not to do that might seem intuitively like a good idea. Thanks y’all, looking forward to it!

  36. Hey there! I’m Linda Failla. I’ve been a NCSP School Psychologist for 18 years and work with at risk youth (middle school-high school age range). I’m hoping to further my knowledge on trauma and how we heal. Also, I want to learn more tools to help with aftercare when trauma happens.

  37. Matthew Skinner

    Hey Yall, My name is Matthew Skinner, I’m from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. I work at an local Youth Centre and I’m hoping to gain insight into trauma and be able to use it to help the youth of my community out. We are a small town of about 3000 residents and some youth are troubled and the community has gone though hard times and I’m excited to take this course and then help out my community by implementing what I learn here.

  38. Melissa Magana

    Hola, I am Melissa Magaña, A Bilingual School Home Liaison(Social Worker). I work at the Alternative High School in Sedalia MO. I have 65 students on my caseload. 80% are McKinney Vento Homeless. I want to learn interventions and strategies to better serve my students. I work directly with them daily and help the rest of the staff understand some of the behaviors.

  39. Good day! I’m Sara and I am a 4/5 literacy teacher at an elementary school in Denver. I have a total of 48 students of various demographics, backgrounds, socio-emotional needs, etc. I want to learn the strategies for working with and relating to my students of trauma in the hopes of providing successful academic achievement support.

  40. Hello! I am Raini Downing and I am Math teacher at an alternative school for at-risk 7, 8, and 9th grade students in Golden Colorado. A large majority of my students have suffered trauma in their lives and/or are currently experiencing it on a daily basis. My hope is to gain a better understanding of what they are going through so I can help them break through barriers so they can be successful in school and life.

  41. Hello! I am Nicole Anderson and work for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin in Menomonie and Eau Claire, WI. I work with children aged 5-18 facing adversities in their lives. My hope is to gain more knowledge to better train our volunteers and also help serve the kids suffering from traumas.

  42. devanathan.manickum

    Hi I am Devan from Sydney NSW Australia. I am a special education teacher and I work with students with emotional and behavioural disturbances. My goal for taking this course is to learn more about trauma, how it manifests in youth and the various interventions so that I can better support my students.

  43. Hello everyone! I’m Nicole Cazares and I’m currently a social work student at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. My goal for this course is to delve deeper into the issue of trauma and how TIC can help those adolescents who have been affected and how to best implement it.

  44. Hi all . . . my name is Tanya and I am a Learning Leader for student support (high school) in Calgary, Alberta. I have a MSc. in Special Education (Emotional Disorders and Behavior Analysis). Although I spent many years living and learning in the U.S.A., Canada is my home and I have been back a number of years now. My side-kick is a Yellow Labrador Retriever and together we work with all kids but we primarily see teens with mental health issues and complex needs. I have been studying trauma informed practice and attachment for about 10 years now – always looking to learn new stuff and connect with new people.

  45. Jennifer Huxford

    Hi, I’m Jennifer and I teach middle school in Las Vegas. I am a yoga therapist and specialize in trauma in adolescents. I am working with the district to get a mindfulness and self-regulation program not only for the students but for the teachers, too.

  46. Hi all, my name is Emily and I have a PhD in language and literacy education. I have worked as a counselor with conduct disorders youth as well as in job development for street youth and single parents. I am licensed in special ed pre-K- 12, and currently teach reading at a high school outside of Boston. I have begun to work with unaccompanied refugee minors and need to ensure that my understanding of trauma supportive education is both realist and theoretically sound. I’m originally from Canada but have been in the US for almost 22 years.

  47. LiesbetBickett

    Hi everyone. This is Liesbet. I am the program manager for a therapeutic mentoring program in the North Lake Tahoe area of Northern California, USA. We work with the highest need youths in our area using what we call the “Gateway Method” for “growing a human”. I am also in the process of getting my MS in Restorative Practices. I am excited to learn more about trauma and the brain in general and in particular restorative interventions for dealing with trauma.

  48. Hello,
    My name is Arlene and I am an Education Assistant working for the public school board in Calgary, Alberta Canada. My position for the last 10 years has been in high schools working with students in multiple settings, either in a special education or main stream classrooms seeing a variety of students with mental health and complex needs. I look forward to the opportunity to learning and connecting with new people during the next four weeks on the effects and understanding of Trauma that youth experience, and how best to implement those strategies and supports.

  49. Carissa Stevens

    My name is Carissa and I’m a Sexuality Educator from the Annex Teen Clinic around Minneapolis, MN. We work with youth in many contexts from small groups to large classes talking about sensitive topics. Many of the young people I work with are seen as “at risk” youth. When talking about sex, sexuality and relationships, it’s imperative to using a trauma-informed approaches as I facilitate discussions and share evidence-based information. I hope to learn from this course some best practices when working with groups specifically in creating safer spaces to encourage vulnerability and honesty to self.

  50. Hi, my name is Jen. I work as a therapist in a satellite clinic located in a middle school in Newburgh, NY. Almost all of the kids I work with have experienced some sort of trauma and I’d love to learn ways to better relate to them and help them.

  51. sarahrizkallah

    Hey everyone! Lovely to meet you! My name is Sarah and I am a Psychologist in Sydney Australia. I am currently working in community health and with adolescents. I hope to get a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma to youth and some skills so I can help them better.

    Lovely to e-meet you Sam! Looking forward to learning from you =)

  52. I am late, but present. I am Ray from Chicago, IL. I teach a trauma informed, narrative/memoir writing course in the department of corrections, local high schools and workforce development programs.

  53. Hello my name is Jackie Marston. I just retired after teaching 35 years at an inner city high school in Oakland, California. I want to continue my works with teens. At this point I don’t know where or how. I saw many students exposed to trauma in my career. Looking forward to the program and connecting with others.

  54. Hi! I’m Joanne. I have been a middle school counselor for 17 years in Buffalo, NY. I am hoping to gain a better understanding of my students who have experienced trauma and learn new interventions to help them gain resiliencey skills and achieve academic success. I would like to also share my knowledge with our district counselors and faculty and would ultimately like us to be a trauma-informed school.

  55. Hello course-mates! My name is Kara and I have lived in Oklahoma for the past 16 years. I have worked with youth in a variety of settings, and am currently a psychotherapist with my focus being on teens and trauma. Through this course, I hope to continue to build on, and add too, trauma knowledge base specifically applicable to the adolescence developmental years.

  56. My name is Amanda Pennington, I work as a congregate care/adolescent case manager for our county department of human services. I am in Mesa County, Colorado, in the US. I am hoping to gain insight as to how to best engage and coordinate services for youth experiencing various types of trauma.

  57. My name is Terri Mortensen and I am a licensed psychologist and work as the Child and Family Program Manager and Clinical Supervisor at the Faulk Center for Counseling in Boca Raton, Florida. I would like to expand my knowledge about trauma informed care so I can bring it to the center and use it to help train the students I work with.

  58. Hi
    I am Latoya Rowe a social worker in Kingston, Jamaica. I work with persons who are directly affected by all forms of crime. I hope to improve my capacity to work with this population.

  59. My name is Krista and I am from Pennsylvania. I work as an outpatient counselor for children and adolescents. and may potentially be shifting to doing mobile therapy for at-risk youth. I often see children who have been exposed to various forms of trauma, and I am interested in expanding my clinical understanding and list of interventions.

  60. Hi everyone–

    My name is Heather and I am from the Philadelphia area. I currently work as a school counselor at a private school, 9-12 grade. With the #metoo movement, I am seeing many of our youth who are currently grappling with some of their own stories of scxual harassment. I feel the need to educate myself further in the realms of trauma, PTSD, and interventions. I am looking forward to this 4-week course.

  61. Hey a’ll, my name is Cathy O’Quinn and I am the Dean of Culture a charter middle school in Denver, Colorado. I hope to gain more information about how to recognize children that have experienced trauma and ways to better serve them.

  62. Hi everyone!
    My name is Christina and I’m a child and youth mental health clinician working for the BC government in Canada for over 10 years working with youth who are experiencing significant and complex mental health challenges. I recently returned from a sabbatical of 18 months and am looking to brush up on my trauma-informed skills. Cheers

  63. Hi everyone, I’m a private counsellor in Victoria, Australia. Looking forward to finding out more info about Trauma informed practice over the next few weeks.

  64. Christine Rachuy

    Hello all!
    My name is Christine and I work as an aid in the Behavior Intervention Room at a high school in SoCal. We have a high homeless/foster care/group home rate at the school I work at. I hope to gain some knowledge on how to better serve the population of kids that find themselves in the room I work—whether it be in lieu of suspension reasons or if they’ve been referred by a concerned teacher.

  65. Hello! I’m Melissa Smith-Watkins, Program Director for The Starke County Youth Club. I live and work in Starke County, a rural, high poverty area in northwestern Indiana. My program is a youth development agency that specializes in after school care. We provide programming to students in high poverty areas across our county in grades K-8. In my work, I encounter a number of students who have experienced trauma and chronic stress. I am hoping to expand my knowledge and skills to better serve my students and community.

  66. Hi! I’m Jen from Calgary, Alberta. I work as a Mental Health and Wellness strategist supporting schools, and their students with Mental Health and Behavioural concerns. I strive to use a trauma informed approach in my dealings with schools, families and in professional development sessions. I am hoping to add some more tools to my toolkit with this course.

  67. Savanna Flakes

    HI! I am Savanna Flakes (, an international educational consultant specializing in inclusive practices, social emotional learning, and special education. My home base is Virginia, but I have love for everywhere! Looking forward to learning more about trauma informed practices and creating trauma sensitive communities !

  68. Hi, my name is Alex. I have a disability organisation in Queensland, Australia. Myself and team of support staff work with children and adults who at some point in their life have experienced trauma. I would like to expand my knowledge in this area to ensure I am offering the best support possible to our clients.

  69. Oh wow! What a big crew!

    I’m Stacy and I live in Janesville, WI where I a work as a therapist at a Child and Adolescent Day Treatment facility.

    I have a pretty solid knowledge base regarding trauma, but I was interested in learning different approaches for working with my clients. I loved the mindfulness based approaches discussed during the BARs course

  70. Hi! I’m Dr. Magda Lopez. I am a clinical psychologist working at a private practice in Tampa, FL. I currently see children, adolescents, and families struggling with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, and of course, trauma. I am looking forward to learning more about trauma-informed practices!

  71. Hi I’m Debbie from Alberta Canada. I’m a teacher, I’m also a First Nations woman I’m very familiar with trauma, in my life and in the lives of my friends family and my students. I want to have a trauma informed model of teaching. I think as a teacher who work with students who come from intergenerational trauma it’s critical that all teachers working have knowledge of trauma. I’m looking forward to learning.

  72. Michelle Ludwig

    My name is Michelle Ludwig. I am a Special Education Supervisor in Pennsylvania. I look forward to working with all of you!

  73. Hi All,
    My name is Angela Saunders, I live on the beautiful island state of Tasmania and I am very privileged to currently work with extraordinary people living with Diffability. I look forward to learning both from you and with you 😉

  74. My Name is Scott. I am currently living in Grass Valley, California. USA I currently work with at risk youth as a mentor. I look forward to learning new skills to work with youth and a new awareness of the effects and reactions of trauma.

  75. Louise Campbell

    Hi everyone. My name is Louise Campbell and I live in Denver, CO. I currently teach middle school ELD (English Language Development) for grades 6-8. I look forward to learning more ways in working with students who have experienced trauma and also how to better work with teachers who have experienced trauma.

  76. Hello all,

    I am TraShona Fowler, Youth Prevention Care Specialist from Chicago, IL. I have great knowledge in Trauma however, I look forward to learning new approaches and boosting my skills on things I learn from this course.

  77. Hi! Sorry I am starting late here! My name is Mary Veral. I am a mitigation investigator/social worker in Los Angeles, California. I work in the adult criminal justice system. I am looking forward to deepening my understanding of trauma and trauma informed interventions. Thanks.

  78. Shamshir Tarlanov

    Hi everyone, I am Sham Tarlanov just graduated Washington University in St. Louis with Master of Social Work degree. I am an international student and working with individuals with disabilities.

  79. I am Maria Poulsen. I am an Mental Health Therapist with a Master of Social Work Degree.
    I live and practice as an LMSW in Anchorage, Alaska.
    I’ve been in the field for 15 years working primarily with adolescents and am looking to specialize and earn certifications.
    My areas of speciality are grief, life after residential treatment or incarceration, and trauma work.
    I am always excited to learn more and look forward to engaging with this course:)

  80. I’m Lisa and I am Chief Education Officer of Contextos Chicago. I teach young men 18-35 in correctional facilities and love the refreshing rejuvenation of learning, relearning and unlearning about effects and possible interventions for human beings experiencing complex trauma.

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