Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care

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  1. I attempted to look at the units yesterday and it said to check back in 8 hours, and it is saying the same thing today even though it has been over 8 hours. I thought access to the course units was available on the 14th which is today?

  2. Sam Himelstein, Ph.D.

    Hi bjmichl,

    I emailed you but don’t know if you got it. The course opens at 12:01AM PST (West Coast, USA time) on 8/14. So about 4 hours from now. So sorry for the confusion!

  3. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle, and I currently co-ordinate houses for a youth service which focuses on out of home care for youth. I am currently participating in this course from Sydney, Australia. My company focuses on trauma informed practices and I hope to build on the skills I am currently utilizing and hopefully learn new skills to implement to better help the youth in my care.

  4. HI my name is Maxine, I work in Out if Home Care (OOHC) I’m in the Youth sector as Therapeutic Care Worker. I live in Sydney Australia. I enrolled in this course to become better informed of the young people we work with. To build on my understanding of Trauma. Thank you

  5. Hello. My name is Pami and I provide behavior intervention in a rural northern Michigan middle school. I am involved in developing a trauma-informed community team and hope to deepen my knowledge and understanding of trauma to support K-12 educators.

  6. Hi. My name is Scotti and I have a private practice in Longview, TX. I am certified in EMDR and am always looking to learn more about trauma. This course interested me because one group I work with is young people 15-26 who have experienced trauma. I hope to gain new knowledge about this population.

  7. Hi. My name is Brenda and I have started integrating Yoga practices in a youth centre. I came to this course as someone who wants to learn more to better serve youth in the centre and beyond.

  8. Rebecca.sobiech

    Hi! My name is Rebecca, I work for Project Ujima as a Community liaison. Project Ujima is a violence prevention and intervention program based out of Children’s Hospital of WI. I hope to gain a better understanding and utilize the training I receive in my work.

  9. Hi. My name is Sarie Nell, I am a Social Worker in Private practice from a town called Centurion near Johannesburg South Africa. I specialise in legal social worker related to custody and sexual abuse cases. I assess children and adolescents on a daily base and want to empower myself more about the topic of Trauma. Very excited to be part of this online course.

  10. Hi, my name is Lisa, short for Elizabeth. I’m a teacher of students with special needs. I’m in Maine right now. I’m taking this course to gain knowledge and to see if trauma informed care is going to be something I want to pursue more in depth as part of my career path.

  11. Hi, my name is Janel and I am from Wichita, Kansas. I work in private practice with individuals and families. I also work in our area community crisis center. I have a history of working in the field of addictions with women. I am hoping to gain more information on trauma informed care.

  12. Hi! My name is Sarah, I also work for Project Ujima, like Rebecca. But I am the Milwaukee Public School Liaison. I work in 11 specific schools providing prevention education as well as intervention to children and families that have experienced community and/or interpersonal violence. I am hoping to gain even more knowledge on trauma informed care for adolescents through this course to use while working with children and families in my day to day work.

  13. My name is Pam Riddle and I live and work in California. I work for the Napa county Office of Education as a behavioral aide. The students at our court and community school are at risk, most on probation. I supervise the refocus room, which is a place that students are sent from the classroom when there are issues with behavior.

  14. Hi my name is Svea. I live in a small rural community in British Columbia, Canada. I am a wound care specialist in addition, I am a foster parent and a youth worker. I am hoping to gain knowledge on trauma informed care with the youth that I work with on a regular basis. I also think this is important for the day to day work that my husband play in the lives of our adopted children 18, and 3.

  15. Hi my name is Lara Sheppard. I live and work in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I work for a non-profit agency serving children, youth and families who are involved with Child and Family Services. My role is as a clinician consulting and supporting youthworkers who work with children and youth who live in our group homes. These children and youth are at risk and struggle with trauma and the difficulties associated with developmental trauma. My agency is becoming trauma informed and my hope from this course is to gain more of an understanding of strategies that I can share with the youthworkers to help them help our clients.

  16. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Elin and I live and work in southern New Hampshire, USA. I have been a clinical social worker for many years and have worked in public schools for most of the past couple of decades. Trauma related issues come up regularly and I would like to better support the folks I work with by exploring other styles and utilizing up-to-date practices. One reason I am excited about this training is because I am a little familiar with Sam’s style and have benefitted greatly from his work. Another reason is that connection with others doing this work is very important to me and the cohort style lends itself to a personal richness in an online training. I am looking forward to the work ahead~

  17. Hi I am Poonam. I work as a child/youth advocate specialist in Detroit, MI (USA). I primarily work with youth survivors of sexual assault. I hope to learn more about the effects of trauma on youth and how to provide more efficient services to help them recover from sexual assault.

  18. Hello,

    My name is Tina Binette. I have a background in behavioral science and I’ve been in education for over 20 years. I was a life skills teacher, a special education teacher, and a high school assistant principal. I’m currently the principal of a small elementary school. The population is small here (167 students k-5)…but I was struck by the number of children who have experienced the death of a parent from a drug overdose. The school psychologist suggested this course to me and my hope is to help my faculty and staff to, ultimately, help our student body. Knowledge is power. We won’t feel so helpless…to help.

  19. Hi. My name is Carli. I live in rural West Virginia, USA. After completing the on line Educator’s Essentials class through Mindful Schools I began a pilot program at a rural elementary school as an outside provider. My background is in the arts, teaching and creating dance. My wish is to build my skills and knowledge of trauma to be able to “meet” the needs of those I teach in the most helpful way possible. Also to gain confidence in facing the very harsh realities of our present day world .
    I was quite inspired to read of all the important work my fellow students are doing . I am rather computer allergic and hope to still connect through this on-line venue.

  20. Hi my name is Lester Oliva and I work in Charlotte, NC. I work in the public relations department and as a paramedic for the emergency medical services agency. My interest in this class is based on my interactions with patients and co-worker dealing with PTSD. I am interested in learning more about PTSD and what tools I can share to help cope. I currently have a mindfulness meditation practice.

  21. Hi, My name is Courtney Riggs and I am a restorative practices counselor at a charter middle school in Dallas, TX. I’m hoping to learn more concrete techniques and strategies to use in the school setting when working with adolescents who have experiencing trauma.

  22. Hello everyone! My name is Christine and I work in a rural community in British Columbia, Canada as a Youth Support Worker. I would with youth in a program that provides supportive independent living for youth ages 16-22. The youth I’m connected to have experience varying degrees of trauma throughout their lives. I’m excited to learn pragmatic techniques to provide meaningful supports to these resilient and amazing youth! I’m looking forward to learning ways to speak about the affects of trauma and be able to share tangible skills to support the next steps in their journey to independence.

  23. Hello, my name is Sarah and I work for Friends for Youth, a youth mentoring organization in Redwood City, CA. Through our mentoring programs, volunteer adults are matched with youth in the Bay Area who are facing socioeconomic challenges that impact their personal and academic lives. Many have faced multiple traumas, so I hope to gain more knowledge and strategies that I can share with our staff, mentors and peer mentors.

  24. Hi, I am Laurie and work and live in northern New Hampshire, USA. I am a school psychologist serving students from pre-school through 12th grades. I am looking forward to gaining information to help with the small, but intense population of counseling students on my caseload, as well as helping teachers in the classroom setting.

  25. Jennifer Levinson

    Hi! My name is Jen and I live in San Francisco, CA (USA). I work as an English instructor at City College of San Francisco teaching basic skills reading and composition courses. I’m on sabbatical this fall to explore the idea of trauma-informed care and its application to the community college classroom, particularly to the teaching of post-secondary reading. I’m excited to be taking this course in order to learn how trauma may impact learning and student success, and to explore ways in which I might use this knowledge to improve my teaching practice.

  26. Hi ScottyViska I am a recently graduated transpersonal counsellor as part of my placement I worked in a youth organisation and felt that I could do with some more understanding around youth and trauma to support my existing framework of understanding.

  27. ashley.janhunen

    Hello fellow cohort members! My name is Ashley and I am currently working as a mentor for an organization called Gateway Mountain Resource Center in Truckee, California. Before I moved to the mountains, I taught middle school in one of the toughest neighborhoods in East San Jose. I taught 742 students there, many who had experienced severe trauma. I am taking this course for them and to better help the kids that I mentor here. Truckee, the town that I work in, experiences more than triple the national average annually in suicides. I am taking this class with a strong sense of urgency to help my kids live a better, fuller, and more meaningful life.

  28. Hello! My name is Jen D! Representing NWA(Northwest Arkansas)! :). I work with high school “at risk” youth! This is my passion!!! I am a learner – love to learn all I can about working with these m ost amazing youth! I am in the middle of a transition with my career and am considering working with youth more from the therapeutic side of the house rather than the educational , public school, side! I am really excited about this course!!!

  29. Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Kristina and I live in Manteca, CA. I am currently working in county clinic with high moderate to severe youth who are either at high risk of mental health issues and/or already are exhibiting risky bxs and have a mental health diagnosis. I am learning that many consumers I serve have a hx of trauma and or the parents have a hx of unresolved trauma. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge about trauma and the brain and how I can share the information and help all the amazing, wonderful, spectacular youth I come in contact with even if only for 5 minutes. I am also reading “The Body Keeps the Score” and I am learning so much. Lets learn together!!!!

  30. Terryann Stilwell Masotti

    Hello! I am Terryann. I live in Boulder, CO. I am a Waldorf educator working primarily with adolescents, and volunteer in an afterschool program in a public middle school. I am a graduate student in the transpersonal mindfulness-based counseling program at Naropa University. I am a mother of three teenagers who are navigating the waters of adolescence. I am discovering that many of the youth I work with have experienced trauma. I am interested in learning more about how to meet them in a way that serves them and supports them; to expand and deepen my understanding of trauma from the initial experiences to the effects on the brain, heart, and body to one’s adaptations to the experience and how to support the healthy unfolding of capacities to meet life’s challenges as they arise. I am grateful to be “here” with a beginner’s mind

  31. Hi
    My name is Christine, (I noticed another Christine), I work in Fife, Scotland counselling young people & adults affected by their own or another’s substance misuse. I also work with young people suffering from mental ill health not substance related.
    Trauma is prevalent in a large number of my clients & although I have done training some years ago I am excited to be taking part in this online training. I work full-time but hoping to manage to keep up for the 4 weeks & pleased to be introduced to an interesting cohort of colleagues!
    I’m conscious there will be a variation of spelling & language amoungst is!

  32. Hi name is Jen. I currently stay in Branford CT. I am former public-school educator and now serve as the director of The Center for Children’s Spirituality for a newly formed non-profit TIANS ( I work in schools and communities serving young people K-12 integrating mindfulness and restorative practices through a trauma informed lens. I am super excited to be in this course. I am hoping to deepen my understanding of how trauma affects relationships with self and others. I hope to continue to learn more about myself and how traumatic experiences have influenced my behaviors and habits. I believe the more I know about myself the more it will also support me to understand how to support young people to understand themselves and how to develop healthy relationships with others.

  33. Hi everyone, wonderful to meet you! My name is Alison Cohen, and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I’m a former public high school teacher and school mindfulness program director; now I coach public high school teachers and administrators (non-evaluative support, thankfully!) in NYC and NJ, and teach mindfulness/mindful communication/mindfulness-based bias awareness in a variety of capacities. Thrilled that this course exists — thanks, Sam! — and excited to use what I learn to better support educators and young people.

  34. Cynthia Darling-Fisher

    Hi my name is Cindy. I’m a family nurse practitioner practicing in the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools school-based health centers in Ann Arbor and Flint Michigan (we have clinics in middle schools and high schools). I’m also a faculty member the University of Michigan School of Nursing in Ann Arbor educating pediatric. family, and adult gerontology nurse practitioners. I’m involved in a faculty work group looking at better ways to integrate trauma informed care into nursing education as well as nursing practice. I’m always looking for ways to broaden my understanding of trauma and how to provide trauma informed care to my patients/clients and also communicate this information in my a precepting and educating future nurse practitioners.

  35. Sascha Atkins-Loria

    Hi, my name is Sascha Atkins-Loria, and I am a social worker with the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office in Oakland, California. I work with juveniles and adults charged with crimes, and I am part of their legal defense team, along with their attorneys. My work often includes writing reports about the lives of my clients, in which I discuss the impact of trauma, so as to attempt to contextualize their behavior within a trauma-informed framework. Sam was a clinician at the juvenile hall where I worked, and I found him to be incredibly caring, talented, and passionate in his work. I am very much looking forward to learning from him in this course. I hope to be able to use this new information in order to improve my direct service work with my clients, as well as to expand my ability to explain the impact of trauma in my reports.

  36. Carlos Garcia Rubio

    Hi everyone! My name is Carlos García Rubio. I am from Madrid, Spain. I am psychologist and I am working at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). I began to meditate several years ago and 3 years ago I decided to study for my Ph.D the effects of mindfulness practice on elementary school childrens. During the last three years I was leading mindfulness-based interventions at diverse schools in Madrid Community. Also I am the co-founder of Sukha Mindfulness organization and the co-founder of a mindfulness program for elementary children at schools. The name of the program is GrowingUp Breathing (Crecer Respirando in spanish). During the next three months I am going to run an intervention in Santiago de Chile with elementary school children at risk because Catherine Andreu and me won the European Varela award to study the impact of a mindfulness-based intervention on the executive functions (inhibitory control). I am very excited with this course because I think we can learn a lot from the theorical and practice experience of Samuel Himmelstein with at-risk youth. Nice to meet you!

  37. Hello I am Larry Reilly from Dublin Ireland but living in Co Cork. I have my own company provided youth, Adult and Couples support as well as providing Motivational Interviewing Training to services from time to time. I have previously trained with Babette Rothschild in Somatic Trauma Therapy and most recently completed EMDR training here in Ireland. Very interested in bring forward EMDR work with children and teens distressed through ptsd. Looking forward greatly to completing the course.

  38. I’m Clinton White, I mobilize and train volunteers, mostly from Ukrainian churches, to work with orphans and orphan care givers. I work with volunteers, with orphan care workers and directly with orphaned children/teens and aged-out orphans. I also work with Ukrainian Refugees (children and teens displaced by Ukraine’s war with Russia in parts of Eastern Ukraine.) I need all the help I can get and I’m hoping this course will make me a better leader for my volunteers and the kids with whom I work.

  39. Hello, everyone. My name is Cataliya. I am from California. I plan to work with youth in different capacities. My career goal is to work with refugees in Europe, but that is a few years away. I, too, am looking forward to applying what I learn to help others.

  40. Hi Folks. My name is Rick Alleva. I live in southern Maine and work for U. of NH as field based educator in youth development (read youth worker/program developer). I had the pleasure of meeting Sam at a Mindfulness Conference at Leslie U. a few years ago and again when visiting for some training in the bay area. Having been touched by his authentic approach to engaging high-rick young people, I share as much as I can and look forward to experiencing this course with his guidance. I currently do trainings, provide technical assistance and spend as much time as possible working with young people (helping with both prevention and treatment programs, facilitating activities to promote empathy, practice mindfulness, assist youth in making a difference regarding things they really care about). Its a pleasure to join this class to deepen learning regarding the critical role that trauma plays in mediating the lived experience of so many youth today. I look forward to exploring and sharing with everyone.

  41. Hello,
    My name is Kristy, I currently work as a Therapeutic Support Worker in Australia. Working with residential out of home clients who have been removed from families who have no structures, significant complex trauma & mental health issues. I look forward to this broad journey with everyone learning new skills, knowledge and a better understanding of the diversity faced by many.

  42. Thegreeneprojectcounseling

    Hello, my name is Drew. I’m a Professional Counselor in private practice in Southfield MI. I am also a certified Grief Therapist. I currently work with children and adults dealing with trauma presently or in their childhood. Specifically sexual abuse. I am looking forward to learning more about trauma in child and incorporating it into my therapy

  43. Hello, My name is Cheri . I am the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services in the Wentzville School District in Wentzville, Missouri,USA. I have had the privilege of working in this growing, advancing district for 32 years. My responsibilities include supervising and supporting several departments covering all the health and mental health of our 17,000 students. Our students and families needs are increasing. We have a district goal to become a Trauma Sensitive District. My hope for this course is to expand my knowledge to better support our District Administrators and all staff ..This is the first time I have participated in an on line course. I look forward to this experience. Thank you for this opportunity.

  44. Hi all! My name is Amy and I am a therapist at a continuation high school in Martinez, CA. I am excited to learn more about trauma so that I can better support my students.

  45. Hello everyone,

    I’m Oletha and I live in Chicago, IL. I currently work in a high school settting as a Teens Program Facilitor. I have my degree in social work and looking forward to gaining additional skills to help benefit the youth/community I serve/work in.

  46. Elena Samaniego

    Hi everyone. My name is Elena and I teach high school English near Sacramento, CA. In the 13 years I’ve taught, I’ve been shocked and saddened to realize how many students in the general ed population have experienced some form of trauma and/or are struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Others are so checked out and hard to reach, but building authentic relationships and being a supportive adult presence has always been my primary reason for teaching. I am always looking to learn more about connecting with struggling young adults so I can help them be successful in high school and life.

  47. Hello,

    My name is Karen. I currently reside in British Columbia, Canada. I am an Early Childhood educator, a foster parent and a mother to three, one of whom has experienced a lot of trauma in her eight years of life.

    I am a strong believer in continuing to learn and grow, no matter what level of education an individual has obtained, which is why I am here taking this course. 🙂

  48. Hi! I am Brenda McKean, I live in Starksboro Vermont and I am very excited to be a part of this class. I work in special education at the local middle/high school and definitely see the need for additional information and strategies for working with youth. I also coordinate a mentor program in the same middle/high school and see this information as important to pass along to the mentors who participate. In May, I received my BA in Psychology and am using this course to further my education.

    I look forward to learning with you all!

  49. Hi Everyone. My name is Alanna Quinn and am a currently a licensed social worker from eastern Long Island, NY. Previously, I returned to school as an adult learner, where I achieved my BS and MSW at Stony Brook University. Now, I work for a behavioral health-substance abuse foundation that is opening a adolescent program soon. A large percentage of teens that I will be working with will be dually diagnosed (SA/MH) and have had experienced trauma. I look forward to learning the skills needed to successfully reach and support our local youth. Glad to meet you!

  50. Anjenette Hasse

    Hi Everyone! My name is Ann Hasse. I am a Licensed Mental Health and Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor in Northern Indiana, USA. I am currently working for LifeTouch Ministries and Counseling Center, which is a private practice type setting working with clients from a variety of backgrounds, many who have experienced trauma. I also do some online facilitating of courses for Indiana Wesleyan University. I have spent many years previously working with youth in church, residential, and private practice settings. I am excited to brush up on knowledge and skills through this course, as we have seen a great increase in our area of teens/adolescents in need of trained, caring adults to come along side of them in their hurt. Glad to meet everyone!

  51. Hello Everyone.
    I am Glenda Cook from Detroit, Michigan I am a Sexual Assault First Response Advocate. I hope to obtain addition trauma informed knowledge and information for working with the Youth population that has been trafficked and sexually assaulted.

  52. Hello! My Name is Keila Mendoza. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am a Counselling Psychologist and I PhD student. I work with children and adolescents from 4 to 17 years. I hope to obtain better understanding in the trauma area and gain more tools to help the adolescents I work with. Thanks for all your help Sam!

  53. Hello there, I am Keiona McElhoe. I’m from Indiana, lived in Japan for 4 years and I am now living in Portland Oregon. I’m a very curious young adult who has been affected positively by mindfulness and therapy. I have been through quite some trauma in my experience but I’d love to share tools and be a support system for youth who are struggling. I am taking this course to further empathy and cultivate strong and lasting connections with the youth I work with. I just got out of high school and underwent a yoga teacher training program. Now I am trying to expand yoga to marginalized populations in Portland, as well as working with youth who have been through trauma. I hope that with this course I can express myself with authenticity and learn tools on working with trauma. Im so excited to learn with everyone, thank you Sam!

  54. My name is Stacey Lewis and I live in a small town in Southern Colorado. I am a day treatment therapist at a middle school. Our school serves 5th-8th grade students. Most of my students (and probably all) have experienced trauma. I am always seeking knowledge to be more understanding of trauma behavior. I am also hoping to learn about some new strategies to use. The school year starts soon and I feel like this class will be a great way for me to jump start it.

  55. Hi, my name is Angela White and I come from Sydney, Australia, where I used to work for Mental Health and Child Protective Services as firstly a practitioner then a manager, policy developer and researcher. I left this work 2 years ago and became an independent consultant completing therapeutic assessments for the statutory child protection services in my State of New South Wales. In my assessments I am looking at trauma informed care, and felt that this course would be a great way to update my knowledge

  56. Hello, my name is Tracyanne. I am a licensed clinical social worker working as a school social worker in a special education high school. I live on Long Island in New York State. I have been working with children, adolescents, families, and systems for over 20 years, and am passionate about helping young people to heal and thrive. I am seeking to increase my knowledge base regarding Trauma Informed Care, treatment and interventions, and hope to bring this information to the teachers and staff I work with; to help others understand and work more effectively with our students.

  57. My name is Nicola I am a Person Centered therpaist and work with lots of clients of abuse. I live in London

  58. My name is Mike Perrier and I am a school counselor in Reno, Nevada. I have been an educator for over 20 years and I am currently working with middle school students. I am hoping to learn and refresh my skills to work with both our staff and students.

  59. I am Heidi Niitsuma. I’m a Registered Behavior Technician, mother, and mindful educator to school age kids. I’m hoping to dive deeper into the world of Trauma and recovery, as well as things like positive psychology.

  60. Griselda Hernandez

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Griselda and I am a licensed therapist in CA. I have worked in the public school system for over 10 years with youth in middle school and high school. Currently I am a drop out prevention and recovery counselor. I am excited about this course because I am always looking for ways to deepen my connection with the youth that I work with and help them reach their goals.

  61. dear friends, i am happy and inspired to be surrounded by a community of people dedicated to health and healing. i am a pediatrician in carson, california for a large HMO (health maintenance organization.) i have been introducing mindfulness practices into my clinical practice for many years when working with teens. i practice in the tradition of thich nhat hanh. now i am interested in creating a “resilience clinic” for children who have experience developmental trauma. my interest lies in ACES (adverse childhood events) and how they affect the health of children and adult in the long term. i am committed to trauma informed care. i am hoping to learn more through this course and to spread the lessons to my colleagues.

  62. Hi My name is Louise and I am working as a youth worker on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.

  63. Hi, My name is Brenda. I am currently completing a degree in psychology. I have a teaching background, specifically in Montessori education and have taught in Autism specific schools in recent years. I currently work with a cohort of Australian Indigenous University students and hope to increase my understanding of trauma informed work to apply to a recent interest in work with youth residential care.

  64. My name is Toby I am a social worker living an working in Geneva,New York. I work in a kindergarten through 2nd school in which there is a wide array of student and family experiences, stressors and trauma. I am hoping to build a better working knowledge of trauma as well as effective interventions to offer students, families and other stafff

  65. Hello my name is Amber, I am currently a medical Social Worker In Calgary Alberta Canada at a Family Care Centre. My work place is very trauma Informed care driven, I think this specialization towards teens will be very useful. Many of my client referral are for teens and I appreciate this work very much, always looking to learn more and be more effective and meaningful to my clients. My biggest interest at this time is how to engage youth that don’t seem committed or engaged.

  66. My name is Jessica, I live in Massachusetts and I lead mindfulness meditation retreats for teenagers across the US, Canada and the UK. Teens often come with trauma and I’m wanting to continue to learn from Sam. I deeply respect his approach and teaching and have for years!

  67. Hi Everyone,
    I live in South Florida and my name is Janet. Although I am late to the conversation I am so happy to be here among such amazing and dedicated professionals who are committed to this healing work. Just retired from teaching art in public high school but have been preparing for the next chapter by training in many various approaches to mindfulness for some years now. Going forward I would like to see how I can create creative opportunities for students to heal their wounds as I am healing mine.
    Very grateful to be in this cohort with all of you.

  68. Hello! I am a bit late to the game, but wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I work as a school psychologist at a middle school in NH. Between a variety of concerns that are occurring within our society, we have more and more students coming into the school system who are dealing with trauma. Not only do I hope to gain interventions that can be used within the classroom/school setting, but to develop personal strategies that I can use to make sure to take care of myself. I look forward to working with this cohort.

  69. Hello everyone! Late to the game, very pleased to meet you all and excited to get started! My name is Rebecca and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a nursing background in pediatrics (went to University of Michigan Nursing School) and for the last 7 years have taught yoga meditation & mindfulness to kids, teens and adults. I just completed the Making Friends with Yourself Teachers Training this summer – the teen program of mindful self compassion. I also work at St John’s Children’s Home, a residential program for kids taken out of their homes due to abuse. Yoga and mindfulness has been so helpful for these kids and I’m looking to this program to provide me with greater understanding and further strategies to help my students in their healing journey.

  70. Kimberly Rosen

    Hi everyone.

    It’s wonderful to connect with such a diverse group!

    My name is Kim, and I’m currently working in a low-fee community counseling center in Santa Cruz, CA. I have a holistic counseling background and experience with a wide range of clients and issues. I have some training and experience working with trauma, but I’m always seeking more knowledge and experience. I’m here for this course because I’m impressed with what I know of how Sam approaches working with teens and I want to extend my ability to connect with clients who are dealing with trauma as humanly and effectively as possible.

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