Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care

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126 thoughts on “Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care”

  1. Amanda Amburgey

    HI I’m able to log in and I am also looking forward to this course.

  2. Trish Jenkins

    G’day from Australia.

    Looking forward to starting the course, too!


  3. Hello, my name is Lynne and I am a Counsellor Advocate working with people who have been sexually assaulted in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

    I hope to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of trauma and its effects and learn more about trauma informed interventions to better assist the young people I work with

  4. Hello, I’m James- Senior Clinician for our program working with children and youth with sexually harmful behaviours or problematic sexualised behaviours- working in Gippsland Victoria, Australia.

    I hope to learn more types of interventions and approaches to use with children and youth.

  5. Jennifer VonLintel

    Hello. My name is Jen. I’m a school counselor and foster-to-adopt mom in Loveland, Colorado. I want to build my knowledge base in trauma to develop a stronger trauma-informed foundation at my school, to integrate my program of animal-assisted interventions to focus on trauma and to better support and understand my teen daughter.


    hello, and good to start.
    My name is Martin, ( ex-police officer 12 years) and qualified social worker for past 17 years, worked in statutory child and adult social care, now living in Scotland. Looking to return to working with adolescence, maybe leaving care team. Believe this course could inform, educate and learn new skills.. for future work. Thanks

  7. Lorraine Casey

    Hi my name is Lorraine from Eireland wanted to learn this course as hope to return to education in the future and im a carer.

  8. Stormy Hinton

    Hi everyone! My name is Stormy, I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (United States). I just graduated from Mount Mercy University with my bachelors degree in social work and a minor in psychology. I plan to go on to pursue my masters degree in social work and become a LISW. I have a deep desire to help individuals through grief and believe trauma can be a major component if not a hindrance to the healing process so I am taking this course in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the psychological aspects of trauma and how I can incorporate interventions into practice not only with youth but anyone I work with in the future.

  9. Genevieve Lowry

    Hello, My name is Genevieve Lowry I am certified child life specialist I worked for 20 years providing therapeutic play interventions and preparation to children and families facing cancer and/or blood disorders. Currently I have a private practice which has expanded into supporting families facing healthcare and other types of trauma. I also teach online at Bank Street College in NYC.
    I am hoping this course will provide me with some insight and tools that will help with my current work and teaching.
    Looking forward to getting started.


    ok, I am UK based, so most of the time I am 5-6 hours in-front of some of you…thanks M

  11. Elizabeth Hevener

    Hi! I am Elizabeth and I live in Lakeland, FL. I am a recent graduate of Wake Forest University with my MA in Clinical Mental Health. I did my practicum and internship at a level 3 residential treatment center for adolescent females. There, we completed TF-CBT with nearly all residents and while I was trained in TF-CBT, I was not certified (though I hope to be soon!). I currently do in-home therapy with ages 2-18 and their families. I also have several clients who are in foster homes and/or group homes and have experienced a lot of trauma. I am hoping that this will refresh my trauma knowledge and give me new skills to practice with my clients going forward. I am greatly looking forward to this course and learning from all of you!

  12. Kelly Gilliss

    My name is Mary Lynn Jardine from Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. I am a lead instructor in the Child and Youth Care Program at New Brunswick Community College. Before I began teaching in 2010, I was the Youth Coordinator for the City of Miramichi. We offered a youth drop in center among other programs.

  13. Hi! My name is Trish and I’m from Williams Lake in British Columbia, Canada. I’m a middle school teacher. I’ve been working on my masters degree in counselling from the University of Northern British Columbia and have only one more course to go. I’m looking forward to learning more about trauma informed care.

  14. Starla Bradley

    Hi Morning,

    My name is Kisha Requena, from Belize . I am currently working in the Child Protection Section within the Ministry of Human Development Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. My work mostly focus on working with children that are being neglected, abandoned, abused sexually, psychically.

    From this course i hope to gain a broader knowledge in dealing with children and Youth who are in traumatic situation .

  15. Hello, my name is Lisa and I currently work for a Domestic Violence non-profit in Durango, Colorado. I recently started working with adolescents in a secure residential treatment program and I hope to get more insight into working with this age group.

  16. Patricia Ward

    Hi Everyone, my name is Patti Ward a retired Special Education Teacher Consultant currently teaching Mindfulness in public schools K-12th grade. I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA). I am certified through Mindful Schools as an Mindfulness Instructor after completing a yearlong training with them. I have taught Mindfulness in two schools for severely emotionally impaired youth K – 12 (and many others) and am looking for more resources and information to help these specific populations.
    Looking forward to working in the cohort and learning from everyone.

  17. Brandy Warren

    Good Morning,

    My name is Brandy Warren and I currently work on an adolescent Forensic Inpatient Psychiatric unit in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I have been working with youth my entire career and I’m hoping to gain some insight on how to incorporate more trauma informed care on our unit.

    Nice to meet you all 🙂

  18. Natali Levasseur

    Hi I am Natali Levasseur I am a Psychologist and work at District Office in Fort McMurray Alberta. I supervise 16 schools from (k-12). Looking forward to learn with you.

  19. Allison Brown Mckenzie

    My name is Allison Brown Mckenzie, Director of Youth Services, Department of Youth Services, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture, Belize. My department is reponsible for coordinating and assisting in the development of programs and initiatives to create enabling environments for youth to be empowered and become productive individuals with a strong identity.

    This couse will assist us to strengthen existing programs and develop new and relevant ones to meet the needs of the at risk youth population.

  20. Christine Lyon

    Hi – my name is Christine Lyon. I am an LLPC practicing in Beverly Hills, Michigan with Thriveworks Coaching and Counseling. Much of my practice is made up of adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and I am looking to gain insights into more fully serving this population! Looking forward to working with you all…

  21. Starla Bradley

    Hi Everyone

    My Name is Sherett Bowen Laing, I am from Belize City, Presently working in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Allevation, working in the Child Protection Section that deals with children who has been abuse physically, sexually, Neglected or abandoned.

    I hope to gain a broader insight from this course which will allow us to better serve the population and their families with who we come in contact with. It will also allow us to assess the basic trauma that a person has experience i look forward to taking this course.

  22. Mikki Nuckols

    I am a middle school teacher in Idaho and I am hoping to take away any help/information to help deal with what me students are going through on a daily basis. Cutting and suicide attempts are two areas I see often.

  23. Georgette Figeac

    Hello I currently live in Mexico due to husbands job, I’m majoring in Psychology in my 7th semester at Penn State. I volunteer at a center for children whose life is on the streets, in the future my goal is to work with youth and hope this course can give me a better insight. I’m looking forward to working with you!

  24. Michael Irwin

    Hello my name is Mike Irwin and I am a teacher working with at risk youth at West Ottawa High School in Holland, MI. I am looking forward to incorporating strategies for working for students dealing with trauma with my at risk students.

  25. Hi everyone!
    I’m a Child and Youth Care Worker in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada! I work in a residential based Addictions Treatment center for Youth between 12-18.
    Looking to expand on my knowledge 🙂

  26. Griselda Hernandez

    My name is Griselda and I am a Marriage and Family therapist working for the school district in Los Angeles, CA. My primary work currently, is helping youth 16-24 years of age who left school without a HS Diploma to reengage back in to school. These are youth that became disengaged due to mental illness, health, family instability/lack of family support, etc left school. Some of the youth are pregnant/parenting, in foster care, runaway, probation, homeless. Being trauma informed is helpful for me to continue to strive to be as authentic as possible and to create a connection so that the youth are willing to follow my recommendations and at the same time be a person they can ask for help when they need it.

  27. Hello everyone,
    My name is Jamie. I am a counsellor advocate working with people who have experienced sexual assault in country Victoria, Australia. looking forward to the course.

  28. Marilyn Flowers

    Hello from Beautiful Belize in Central America. I am truly delighted to be here in this course and I am eager to learn quite a lot on this topic. It aches my heart many times in my field of work when I do not have the necessary knowledge to assist my clients with the trauma that they face In their lives. I empathize with them but I would love to be able to really understand more about the trials that they are facing. I am sure that this course will do just that and I cant wait to learn.

    My name is Marilyn Flowers and I am a Community Development Officer in the Child placement and specialized services unit of the Department of Human Services. I have case responsibility for adoption, custody and foster care cases and sometimes assists with child protection aspect. I love what I do but I want to be equipped with the competence to do more for and with the clients that I serve.

  29. Good evening everyone! My name is Tina Reed. I live and work in Van Buren, Missouri. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified School Counselor, and Registered Play Therapist. I have been a school counselor (Kindergarten – 12th grade) in a rural school district for the past 24 years and have maintained a part-time private therapy practice for the past 8 years. Prior to becoming a school counselor I was employed as a children’s social worker for Missouri Department of Family Services for 7 years.

    My goal of taking this course is to expand my knowledge base and to enhance my therapeutic skills in providing trauma-informed care. Additionally, I hope to begin the process of training my school faculty and staff in becoming a trauma-informed school.

  30. Desiree Jessen

    Hello, my name is Desiree. I am from Idaho Falls, Idaho and teach 7th grade Language Arts. I am hoping this course helps me understand some of my students better. I also hope that this course will help me to adapt my teaching to help reach more students in my class.

  31. Irina Falikman

    Hello, my name is Irina. I am from Brooklyn, New York. I just graduated from Brooklyn College with MS in Education specializing in School Psychology. Next school year, I will be doing my internship in the elementary school in New York. In NY we work with different population of children and adolescence; a lot of them come from difficult environments, and has been exposed to trauma from early age. I hope to learn on how to understand my students better, and how to help them stay stronger, be resilient, and be able to learn and grow in spite of their struggles and trauma.

  32. Clara Izadi Calabrase

    Hello, my name is Clara. I am currently working in San Diego County as a School Psychologist. I am looking forward to learning how to better meet the needs of the students I work with.

  33. Hi Everyone:

    My name is Wendy and I am licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I work in a private practice setting in both Seattle and Tukwila, WA. I love working with my teen clients and I am hoping that this course will give me tools to utilize in my work.

  34. Jaelynn Conklin

    Howdy from Wyoming. I am Jaelynn Conklin, I have the pleasure of living and working in Cody, Wyoming. I work at Heart Mountain Academy, a relatively new alternative high school and I am hoping to learn how to help our students. On a personal note, I know a few adults that have experienced “ambient global amnesia” and I am wondering if it caused by trauma.

  35. Hey All!!
    My name is Alexandrea from San Francisco California. I am currently in school for my doctorate in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in children and family. I work with a lot of individuals and families that have experienced trauma in various forms so I hope this training will provide me with a more in depth understanding to the impact of trauma both individually and systemically. Overall, my goal is to expand my education to better serve others. Thank you!

  36. Sam Himelstein, Ph.D.

    Wonderful engagement thus far! Really looking forward to this course with you all!

  37. Hi,
    I’m from NSW in Australia I work with Youth aged between 14-25 who are at risk of homelessness, I couldn’t do the session last night as I was called out to do some work with a young kid that’s just moved into a refuge that we manage, looking forward to the course;;

  38. Kate Lowenstein

    Kate – working on issue of kids involved in child welfare/ foster system in Boston.

  39. Hi there, My name is Myra Smith. I am in Raleigh, NC. I am a veteran public educator. Although I am no longer attached to a particular school, I still work with schools and other educators. I completed a Masters in Contemplative Education at Naropa University in 2015. I am currently teaching meditation and yoga and working with adults and high school students. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be in this course with all of you and looking forward to acquiring some very useful tools for current and future students.

  40. Linda Stilling

    Hi! I’m a Clinical Supervisor of Family and Child focused Skills Trainers, Therapists, and Care Facilitators in a community mental health agency. I hope to get more ideas of working with adolescents.

  41. Theresa Rivers

    Hello Everyone!! My name is Theresa Rivers from Ottawa, Ontario. I am an on site counselor for Emergency Response workers and I am an on call counselor with community youth program. Both jobs I work with a lot of clients with PTSD diagnoses. I look forward to learning new ways to work with them, and encourage all of my clients forward!!

  42. Starla Bradley

    Hi, my name is Maureen Williams from Belize City, Belize, Central America. I work at Community Rehabilitation Department and we are the lead agency that works with youth who come in conflict with the law and those who are at risk of coming in conflict with the law and their families.

  43. My name is Stacey Lewis and I live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I am a licensed teacher and have my Masters in Professional Counseling. I work in a day treatment facility housed in a middle school. It is unique in the fact all the students are pretty much mainstreamed. The ages I serve are 9-15. I am really looking forward to this class because all of my students have trauma to some degree. I usually work with them 3-4 years so I am excited to get more techniques and go deeper into all aspects of trauma. I currently do mostly DBT work, but it seems pretty abstract for the younger students. I am excited to work with you all!

  44. Starla Bradley

    Hi, my name is Shane Sinclair and i live in the country of Belize. I work as a Community Rehabilitation Officer . In this filed of work we deal with juveniles who come in conflict with the law. our focus and aim is to try our best to rehabilitate juveniles from not re offending.

  45. My name is Kasey Mahnic and I am from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am a clinical social worker and work with adults and adolescents with intellectual disabilities providing individual therapy as well as family therapy and support. My role is new to this organization and as I have begun sessions with persons with intellectual disabilities, it has become apparent that almost every single person has some form of trauma history. My organization utilizes the philosophy of Gentle Teaching, which has a focus on ‘safety’ as paramount to a persons wellbeing. However, I am finding it is so incredibly challenging to achieve any form of emotional safety for those who have experienced past traumas and also live with an intellectual disability. Looking to gain some insight and skills from this course!

  46. Starla Bradley

    Hi, my name is Kaara Hemsley and I am from Belize City. I am a Community Rehabilitation Officer who works with juvenile offender, adult offender and adolescent with uncontrollable behavior. I work for the Ministry of Human Development Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation under Community Rehabilitation Department. I am working populations with history of abuse and violence combined with physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. Some of the families are vulnerable who have endured a traumatic event, which has affected their lives. I want to get a better understanding to of trauma. To acquire holistic perspective to provide competent service clients who are in need.

  47. Michelle Bain

    Hi, my name is Michelle and I am from Wales and I would like to have a much better understanding of trauma. I work with young people within a school environment and I am also a part time youth worker.

  48. Hello. My name is Lisa Aiello. I am a nursing professor, and I teach mental health. I want to expand my knowledge of trauma-informed care. I am in Philadelphia, PA.

  49. Hello. My name is Lisa Aiello. I am a nursing professor, and I teach mental health. I want to expand my knowledge of trauma-informed care. I live in Philadelphia, PA.

  50. Starla Bradley

    Good afternoon, my name is Shemika Bennett. I am from Belize. I work with juveniles at risk who comes in conflict with the law. I also work with adolescence and middle age children who display uncontrollable behavior. I want to gain knowledge and skills.

  51. hello, my name is Tracy Coop and I am a Caseworker for Homeless Youth Assistance Program in Northern New South Wales Australia. I work with 12-15 year old young people who are at risk of homelessness or homeless, this is a program to support family restoration and repairing relationships.
    I have previously worked in residential care for children and young people in out of home care and realised that I wanted to support young people to stay in a family based home instead of a residential.

    Look forward to upskilling to enable me to support young people to achieve positive outcomes for their future.

  52. Hello all! My name is Shamir Lee. I am a LMSW currently employed as a Program Specialist Supervisor in Therapeutic Foster Care. I have a passion for working with youth and have recently been thinking about getting a Masters in School Counseling. I hoping this course will further my knowledge regarding the effects of trauma and how to intervene.

  53. Hello everyone! I’m Megan. I am a counsellor/advocate at a service that works with survivors of sexual assault. Looking forward to starting this course 🙂

  54. Lenore Berscheid

    This is the most exciting thing, logging in after all of you and seeing the various places we are from and types of work we’ve all done! I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I worked with youth for many years in a school setting, but for the last eight years I have seen mostly adults as a crisis therapist with First Nations adults a few hours north of the city. I have a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, and a Masters in Family Therapy, quite a bit of study in addictions but from twenty years ago before we talked about trauma very much. Looking forward to this course and the Facebook group after.

  55. Jennifer Bartlett

    Hi everyone! Jennifer from Little Rock, Arkansas.
    I am 42 years old and have taken a very long route to get here! I work with young women primarily and focusing on codependency but I never really use the word. We focus on self love, acceptance, embracing all of ourselves and everything that goes along with it. I have been in an Executive in the Real Estate Industry for 20+ years now specializing in the development of housing for low income families, chronically homeless individuals and transitional housing for at-risk populations. Surprisingly, that is not what pulled me into this area (my life passion). My own childhood traumas that left me in survival mode for life led me here when I became sick with multiple autoimmune disorders(now in remission and med free). I found yoga and holistic therapies. Learning my body allowed me to discover the root of my illness and understand why I never improved no matter how many meds I took to stop the progression. (17 years worth) The childhood traumas followed me everywhere no matter how amazing I could make life look! So, I dove in. ALL THE WAY! I still work full time in the housing industry and it pays for all of the give back service work that I do. I am a certified 500 Hour Holistic Yoga Therapist, Yoga of 12 Steps of Recovery (combines all addictions-codependency was mine) and Transformational Life Coach. I am not a therapist and do not pretend to be. I am trained on the body and holistic therapies in healing mind and body. I hold space for young women and incorporating body, breath, meditation and the other limbs of yoga to provide them with tools for stress management, calming the mind and I incorporate specific poses for each person. I am creating a safe place for them in a 1.5 day retreat (at no charge) and followed with life coaching/goal setting for several weeks after. I also volunteer at the local youth home and addiction treatment centers. My Goal Here: I work with many individuals with sexual, physical and emotional trauma. I am working with their bodies or helping them to work with their bodies and that is extremely personal. Even breath work could be a trigger. I want to learn and grow as much as possible to be able to hold an even safer space for each person.
    I am happy to be hear and look forward to the next four weeks!

  56. Hello! My name is Kate Bailey, I’m an MFTi in Tracy, CA. This is my fourth year working for a nonprofit agency contracted with San Joaquin County. The majority of my clients are children and teens who have been exposed to trauma and/or have been victims or witnesses of abuse. I also work with adults who have been victims of crimes or are parents to victims of crime.

    I chose this particular training as I’ve taken shorter courses through CAS that have all been exceptional. I am hoping to enrich my knowledge and application of trauma-informed care and connect with others in the field looking to do the same.

  57. Sheila Northrop

    My name is Sheila Northrop, I’m a Communication and Conflict instructor at a community college in a low income community. I’m interested in how trauma impacts learning, communication and conflict.

  58. Sarah Shoemaker

    My name is Sarah Shoemaker.
    I am currently working as a school administrator, mindfulness instructor, and classroom teacher. I am starting a business in mindfulness-based interventions for schools, families, etc. Trauma and somatic interventions are two of my central interests, and I’m exploring taking a Hakomi training in the near future, moving further away from academics. Currently, all of my students have Level I Autism, and I’m very interested in how their symptoms behave similarly to trauma.

  59. Hello all,
    My name is Elvia Pina, I work with youths in an Residential Treatment Center located in Virginia. I have worked with juveniles in the past as I am foreign trained lawyer. I am a Resident in Counseling hoping to obtain my LPC license in the near future. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I decided to take this training because I am thirsty from learning more about interventions that I can use to help youth overcome the path of self-destruction.

  60. Pepper Dahlke

    Hello everyone, my name is Pepper. I currently work with middle school students in south eastern Idaho. I have also worked as a k-12 educator, a mentor/leader in a behavioral modification program and have 4 of my own children. In these settings and with my own children I have had the opportunity to provide support to youth from very troubled backgrounds. I am considering a change in occupation into the mental health field and I’m hoping most of all this course can help me be a better support to my own children suffering and to the students I currently work with.

    Nice to meet all of you.

  61. Hi Everyone,
    I am Jo from the UK. I work for a violence against women and children charity and am also a counsellor. We develop models of trauma informed care and evaluate other services to make sure they understand what this involves. I also write and deliver group work programmes for women and children as well as adolescents on a variety of issues to do with abuse.
    I am fascinated by this topic and look forward to learning more and interacting with everyone!

  62. Allison Staiger


    LCSW in New Orleans. I work with youth in an outpatient clinical setting and see a fair amount of trauma (have worked in research previously, seeing only trauma clients). I am planning to open my own practice working exclusively with trauma (in both a clinical and community setting), and have been using this time to research, read, and attend workshops as much as I can, to solidify my expertise! Looking forward to some extra learning!


  63. Starla Bradley

    My name is Heather Castro. I am from the beautiful country of Belize, Central America. I am a Community Rehabilitation Officer in the Ministry of Human Development Poverty Allivation and Social Transformation. I am an advocate for Juveniles who come in conflict with the law and also who is at risk of coming in conflict with the law. I also work along with adolescence who displays uncontrollable behavior.
    I am looking forward to gain knowledge about trauma and be able to get a better understanding of what trauma is and also how I will be able to work with clients who have traumatic experiences.

  64. Katrina Miller

    My name is Katrina Miller and I am living in Kent County, NB, Canada. I am currently completing my undergraduate in child and youth studies from MSVU and hope to continue on to complete a Masters. Working with youth, I have seen how trauma can affect many aspects of a child’s life and it is my hope to help bring more awareness of the effects of trauma into our schools. I also am dedicated to working with and advocating for women and children who have experienced trauma due to domestic abuse and I believe that this course will help give me new skills to use when working with clients.

  65. Anjenette Hasse

    Hi everyone! My name is Ann Hasse and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor in Northern Indiana, USA. I am in private practice with LifeTouch Ministries and Counseling Center where we serve many clients who have experienced trauma. I am looking forward to this course!

  66. Hi, I’m Amy Winkle and I’m from Washington, DC. I’m a clinical social worker in the public school system. The school system does a great job at training mental health professionals to be trauma-informed and I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills especially as I am also a foster parent training.

  67. Starla Bradley

    Good morning. My name is Jenine Warrior and I am from Belize. I am a Social Worker and I work in the unit that specializes in Child Protection Services. I have been working in this Unit for the last four years and I believe that with this course I should be able to identify trauma cases more efficiently. This should also assists me in understanding trauma and the best ways to approach cases of this magnitude. Looking forward to meeting my classmates as well 🙂

  68. Connie Givens

    Good Morning! I am so excited about this class. I am a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist and work with individuals who are incarcerated.

    Connie Givens.

  69. Starla Bradley

    Hi Everyone

    My name is Kiona Castillo, from Belize City in Central America. I work within the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation, in the Child Placement & Specialized Services Department, as the Independent Living Officer. I work with youths between the ages of 14-21 years old, assisting them in developing an independent living plan, in order for them to transition out of care to adulthood.
    From this course, I look forward to gaining a better understanding and additional knowledge on trauma, the behaviors that manifest in youths who faced trauma and how to engage and work with these youths.

  70. Yvette Yambao-Wacher

    Hello all-

    I’m Yvette Yambao-Wacher, School Social Worker in the San Francisco Bay Area, California (moving from one school district to another in the Fall). I’m returning to clinical work after doing clinical supervision and big-picture work, so I’m really hoping to get a refresher in trauma, plus any new evidenced based practices for my toolbelt.

    Thanks all,

  71. Hi, I’m Adele Human. I am a school social worker in 5 parochial schools, 4 elementary and 1 high school in northern Illinois. I’m taking this course to be better able to respond in the school setting to children and adolescents who have experienced trauma.

  72. LeesaMaree Bleicher

    Hello my name is LeesaMaree and I have been in the field of Mental Health and Addiction for 15 years. Primarily working in the criminal justice system. My passion is caring for youth and I have a desire to change the way our profession does things . I believe our system is broken and causes more harm especially to youth than good and that we are in badly in need of changing our system of care, our ethics and our practices. I am delighted to see this course being offered though with all sincere due respect it also is deeply of concern to me that such a course would even have to be offered. Without any reflection at all to the course itself or you Sam it is my sincere belief that people who are called to help and care for others should mot have to be ” taught” this . I have always known this inherently and maybe this is beacause I come from lived experience or have a deep faith in God. Either way I believe its people with lived experience who have a deep compassion and sensitivity that are best suited to help others .
    My views are not always welcome but I choose this course because I sensed the compassion and sincerity that you had and since I am in school earning my PHD I have to align myself with someone with whom I find shares the same ideas .
    I am not always the best at retaining because I get caught up in the passion I hope in this course to strengthen my foundational knowledge.

    Kimdest Blessings – LeesaMaree

  73. Hi everyone my name is Ryan. I am a middle school counselor in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been in education for over 10 years. Currently I have a school-based position working with 6th-8th graders. In the past I have held positions coordinating academic and mental health services for homeless, foster, and probation youth through the public school system. I am taking this course to expand my knowledge base on trauma informed care best practices and interventions.

  74. Trish Jenkins

    Hi, My name is Trish Jenkins from Brisbane, Australia. I am a professional speaker and workshop facilitator on Resilience. I speak to corporate, nonprofit and faith based groups. Even though I deal mostly with adults, often their issues are rooted in childhood/teen trauma. I hope learning about teenage trauma will help me understand and work with the adult behaviour more effectively.

  75. Wow! Hello Everyone!

    My name is Nicole and I am a board-certified Music Therapist. I have a small private practice in Norfolk, Virginia and I have a passion for working in the mental health field. One current project I am working on is to do more work in the community to provide preventative and supportive groups for all walks of life. I also plan to go back to school this Fall and work towards a counseling degree to add on to my bachelors and masters degree in Music Therapy.

    I currently work at a teen residential facility providing music therapy groups 1x per week. I love the work that I do with teens, but I am hoping to learn more about trauma and its effects on development as well as more techniques to use in my practice when it appears that one of the residents is being triggered into a trauma response.

    I am excited to get to know all of you the next for weeks!


  76. Carmen Bernstein

    Hello everyone, my name is Carmen and I am an Occupational Therapist working in Mental Health (for the last 17 years). Two years ago I have started my own little practice here In Tasmania and I have a four legged therapy assistant (Oscar- the Golden Retriever). Looking forward to this course and to deepen my knowledge in trauma informed care.

  77. Hi everyone,

    My name is Alison Cohen. It’s a pleasure to “meet” all of you! I split my time between 1) coaching teachers and school leaders in NY and NJ public high schools and 2) teaching mindfulness in various capacities; often the two overlap, and I’m hoping they will more and more. I’m taking this course to increase my understanding of trauma and trauma-informed care so that I’m better informed as a coach and mindfulness teacher.


  78. Aloha,

    My name is Chenoa. I am a military spouse (currently living in Hawaii), a stay at home mom of two spunky kids, and a full time graduate student. I am taking this course to increase my understanding of trauma and to enhance my academic studies.

  79. Melody Weller

    Hola, Bonjour, Hallo, Hello,

    My name is Melody Weller. I am living in Souther Quebec, Canada. I have recently seen trauma first hand. I hope to learn more to empower youth in their walk to help overcome trauma. I had worked with youth as a teacher at high school, and elementary school. My mission is to help others where ever I can. So taking this course is a step to prepare me to work better with all those who need that kind of help especially when it affects youth. I am also learning languages, German, Spanish and I know French, living in a French culture. So there maybe a way to use this understanding through other languages.
    Thank you for providing this opportunity, and I am happy to be working together to build up strong youth.
    Melody Weller

  80. Connie Givens

    Let me try this again!!! 🙂 I am Connie Givens:) I am located in Charlotte NC and hoping to gain more knowledge of trauma informed care. Have a great week.

    Connie Givens

  81. Hello all, my name is Stacy Zimmer and I live in Maplewood, Minnesota, USA. It is so wonderful to learn about all the great work you are all doing! I have been a social worker for 24 years and have my MSW. I am currently an Employment Counselor working with homeless youth ages 17-24 at permanent supportive housing. The majority of the residents have experienced significant trauma during their lives– physical and/or sexual abuse, severe neglect, witnessing violence, murder attempts on their lives, etc… horrifically horrendous stuff. I am amazed at the strengths, resilience, and determination of these youth despite difficult backgrounds. It is an honor to walk with them through a part of their life journey. I have had a lot of training on trauma and trauma-informed care and am looking to expand my knowledge and my skill set to optimally serve this population who needs and deserves the best care and support.

  82. Hi everyone, my name is Jill Zuker and I am teaching in Holland, Michigan. Our district serves many students living in poverty and I hope to better educate myself to help my students succeed in life and high school.

  83. Heidi Niitsuma

    I’m Heidi Niitsuma, I’m in the middle of obtaining my RBT license and certificates. I am a mindful educator, mother, and I’m passionate about emotional well-being and positive psychology.

  84. Hi Everyone!
    My name is Dana Kemery. I am a professor of nursing in Philadelphia, PA. I want to learn more about trauma informed care. In my work in the Emergency Department, I came in contact with a variety of patients in trauma/ high stress situations.

  85. Amy Procyshyn


    My name is Amy Procyshyn and I am from Kenora, ON, Canada (near the Manitoba border). I work with transitional aged youth (ages 18-26) who need support in their everyday lives. Many of the youth I work with deal with trauma and PTSD and I hope that this course will enable me to find new ways of supporting them and to help me understand trauma on a deeper level.

  86. Celina Hennessey

    Hi all! My name is Celina Hennessey and I am a LMFT in San Francisco, CA working with Transitional Age Youth involved in the criminal justice system. I am taking this course to deepen my knowledge of trauma informed care and to learn practical interventions I can use with the young adults I work with.

  87. Hello! My name is Kelly and I’m a School Social Worker at a preK – 8th grade school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am looking to increase my own knowledge base in the area of trauma informed care, both to enhance my direct work with student, but even more so to work to better education and inform our staff of teachers and administrators to best support our students and each other. I am also very interested in Mindfulness as well as secondary trauma. I look forward to the course.

  88. Hi everyone

    My name is Ann and I currently work as an elementary school librarian in New England. I am hoping to learn about what trauma is and how I can work with my students who are experiencing trauma in their lives. I would like to learn how to strengthen my knowledge of trauma to better understand my students and how I can create a better learning environment for these kids. I have felt that their is a connection between mindfulness and understanding the trauma that my kids experience in their lives. Looking forward to connecting with all who are taking this course.

  89. Victoria White


    My name is Victoria White, and I’m from Kenora, ON, Canada. I work with Transitional Aged Youth (18-26), many of whom struggle with trauma and PTSD. I’m hoping to learn more about trauma in order to support them better.

  90. Cameron Middleton

    My name is Cameron Middleton. I am excited to be a part of this community of people committed to deepening our understanding of how trauma impacts learning. I currently split my time between Arlington, VA and Charlotte, NC. I work in an arts-based after-school program for at-risk youth (12-18). I also have been leading a volunteer effort to train refugee educators working in camps. Needless to say, I feel my work would greatly benefit from this course.


  91. Keila Mendoza

    Hello everyone! My name is Keila Mendoza. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Im a licensed psychologist and a Ph D student. I work with children and adolescents in a clinical scenario. Throughout this course i would like to gain more understanding on what is trauma and how can i work with it in therapy.

  92. Jennifer Leydecker

    Hi Everyone, my name is Jennifer Leydecker. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I work with children and adolescents. I am hoping to gain a greater understanding of working with adolescents that have experienced trauma and how I can support them.

  93. Hi I’m Jessica from Red Deer, AB. I’m a foster mother. I hope to gain a greater understanding of trauma and how I can support my children.

  94. Kate Ginnivan

    Hi all,

    I’m Kate, from a small town south of Melbourne, Australia. I am really looking forward to applying some of the knowledge I anticipate learning in the course to the young people I work with (as a teacher and a counsellor).

    I look forward to working with you all. 🙂

  95. Julie Delkamiller

    I’m Julie and I’m approaching this professional and personal perspectives. I’m an associate professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the areas of Deaf education, sign language interpreting and special education. I’m also a parent of three teenage daughters.

    I wasn’t able to login the first week but I hope to keep up “live” with everyone the rest of the time. 🙂

  96. Hi, I’m Viki Hedlund and work as a Family School Liaison Worker in Red Deer, Alberta. I’ve worked with youth for over thirty years in treatment group homes, criminal justice, treatment Foster Care, in home family counselling, and school settings. I’m hoping to just add tools to my tool box and I’m a week late getting started as I was in training all last week for the Circle of Security, which also deals with trauma.

  97. Jessica Brown

    Hi everyone, I’m Jessica, a social worker in Arizona. I work with children/adolescents detained and recently released from immigration custody.

  98. Jennifer Driscoll

    My name is Jennifer. I am an LMFT who used to work in Oakland,Ca and now am near Boston, Ma working in a community medical health center with immigrant youth and families in particular. I am looking forward to all aspects of this course.

  99. Misty Carville

    My name is Misty Carville. I am an LIMHP and LADC in Lincoln, Ne. I am currently working with an adolescent co occurring MH/SA Intensive Outpatient Program. Working with youth is my passion and in that work, there is a lot of trauma. I’m hoping to get new ideas and insight into how to best address youth and help them deal with these traumas.

  100. James Ryan Kennedy

    Hi Everyone! My name is Ryan Kennedy and I am the Executive and Training Director of Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute in Denver, Colorado, USA. We provide services to individuals, couples, and families of all types as well as offer graduate internships and post-graduate externships to mental health graduate students and professionals. Something I hope to get out of this course is a good working knowledge of the etiology of complex trauma as well as effective ways to work with it within family and institutional systems.

  101. Barbara Cheney

    Hello everyone! My name is Barbara Cheney. I am a trauma-informed educator for transitional age youth in an alternative high school program in western Massachusetts. I have experience teaching English, history, and English as a second language in urban, rural and alternative settings. For the past two years I have been working with mostly juniors and seniors who do not have a pathway to a high school diploma because of non-attendance and/or academic failure. I describe the program as a modern version of a one-room school house, 12 students, one teacher and a part-time learning coach, using a blended learning model on the campus of a community college. When people have asked me over the past few years, “What do you teach?”, I struggle for an accurate and appropriate response. How do I describe my role of coaching young people in becoming the best versions of themselves? I’d like to say “I teach humans.” but I’m not sure people would understand. This course is really exciting to me because I think it will help me develop the language and deeper understandings to articulate the role of trauma-informed instruction with transitional age youth.

  102. Greetings! My name is Jamie Rice and I currently work as a school counselor in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. It is a rural, high poverty area where complex trauma and generational trauma are pervasive. I am also a 4th year student in a Counseling and Supervision Ph.D. program in Virginia, which is where I am from originally. My masters program was in Community and Addictions Counseling. I have worked in homeless shelters, free clinics, community agencies, a university and an urban elementary school. My experience has led me to believe that all counselors should receive more education in trauma while completing their graduate training. I’m looking forward to enhancing my knowledge so that I may be a more informed and effective counselor, supervisor and counselor educator.

  103. Jennifer Dhillon

    I created and run a program working with youth in public housing in San Francisco. I’m looking to gain additional insight into trauma informed care and join the conversation.

  104. Amanda Amburgey

    My name is Amanda Amburgey Saintil. I live in San Jose California. I am a middle school science teacher at a school that has a majority of children living in poverty and with stresses that come out in a a myriad of ways in the classroom. I’m interested in learning how to lower the stress level in my class, how to support these kids and to ultimately challenge them in their learning.

  105. Cara Bourke O Shaughnessy

    Hi, I’m a little behind on this as I am just back from holidays! Im from Ireland, a counsellor, working in the addiction services for the past 4 years. I have completed other courses on trauma but what I’m hoping for specifically is developing more awareness and skills for working with youth.

  106. Lindsay Bridges

    Hi– I’m behind too! I’m from Charlotte NC and teach mindfulness in a lot of different places, schools, community classes, jail… Definitely am seeing high levels of trauma in some of the youth (and adults) we get, so am always looking to deepen my awareness and skillfulness to meet people as best as possible.

  107. Summer is short here, and it is moving even faster than I thought it was. I’m in Anchorage, Alaska and currently home with two children. After this phase of life, I plan to become a psychologist. Through my neighborhood, friendships, and mentorships, I have been immersed in relationships with individuals shaped by trauma. I look forward to having better language to respond to those around me, even as this is a foundation for my work in the future.

  108. Donyetta Felder

    Hello Everyone. My name is Donyetta Felder and I am so behind schedule. I got married on the 10th of June and then we went to Bora Bora. So now I am playing catch up. I am from Lenoir NC and I work at the Shelter Home of Caldwell County.

  109. Ann Argrabright

    My name is Ann Argabright and I am an MFTi working with at-risk youth age 14-18 at an alternative, credit recovery high school in Martinez California. I’m taking this course primarily because I had the good fortune to take Sam’s Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents in person last fall where I learned many new and helpful skills for working with youth. I used Sam’s curriculum with two groups of 10 students and the feedback I received was extremely positive. I will be holding the groups again next year as well as continuing to see clients individually. I’m hoping to refresh my skills and learn new ones in this course. It’s so nice to see everyone from so many backgrounds working in the service of youth! I feel honored to work with this age group and I think we all have so much to learn from them!

  110. Tamera Person

    I was out of town for the first week, and when I logged on to watch it and prepare for week 2, the server began acting up. I am finally watching the first week now, and thought i would go ahead and do the assignment. I am almost 60 years old, but just graduated from my masters program in 2011. I have been working primarily with teens in an inner city high school but it was grant funded and the grant has now run out. I start a new job doing therapy with a medical practice in July and had my orientation today. I LOVE teens and kids, but teens more than the littles. My oldest foster daughter (38) has complex PTSD and I believe she also has BPD and her two littles are currently living with us. It is an adjustment after so many years on our own to have littles in the house again and my life has changed dramatically. they have many signs of trauma and I am hoping to find some new ideas to use not only with them but also with my other clients.

  111. Marbell Alvarez

    HI EVERYONE!!!!!
    Finally i get here, I’m so behind but i hope so to get up date quickly,
    my name is Marbell Alvarez from Santa Rosa CA, im a behavioral coach and program coordinator for a non profit Mental Health agency aand provided in home setting whom work with high risk youth and their family they facing behavioral problem, gangs problems, and school truancy.
    I’m so exited to start this course.
    thank you.

  112. Kimberly Stoddard

    Hi! I am a school psychologist in rural Montana and I am excited to get started (even if I am a little late)

  113. Hey, I am a British Art Therapist working as a counsellor in a Centre Against Sexual Assault in Australia. Just got a new laptop so hopefully can catch up with the training.

  114. Michele Rogala

    Hi! I’m Michele and I’m late starting as well–had to wrap up the school year in Central NY, but now I’m ready to go! I’m a school social worker in a small suburban district–work primarily with Middle School students.

  115. Maria Rosa Corno

    Hello everyone! I’m a Registered Psychotherapist from Toronto…I’m just starting the course today and will do my best to catch up with everyone. Looking forward to learning with you all.:))

  116. Hi I’m Susan and I live in the UK I work with all ages of young people which potentially could become victims of crime or offend. Also I am a yoga teacher and I am learning and studying a lot on how we can help young people overcome and heal from adverse childhood experiences using holistic methods of yoga mindfulness compassion etc. I hope to gain more knowledge and tools from this course. X

  117. Elizabeth Hoffman

    Hello, Elizabeth from Denver here. I am a school psychologist at a high school. I work with students who have a lot of trauma. I practice mindfulness with my students and staff. I look forward to learning this information. I feel it will deepen my ability to engage with people at my school.

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