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  1. Sam Himelstein, Ph.D.

    Hey all, I’m so excited to be launching this course! You all already know at this point, but I thought I’d get this comment thread started. I work with incarcerated youth with extreme levels of complex trauma, but have also worked with youth in high schools, in private practice, inpatient drug settings, and more! My goal for this course is to bring folks together via trauma-informed trainings so that we can help teens thrive!!! Looking forward to working with you all!

  2. Hello! My name is Lucy and I work for Redthread; a voluntary sector organisation delivering a community violence intervention programme working with young people (11-25) in Major Trauma Centre EDs across London. I am undertaking this course with a number of my colleagues and particularly looking forward to learning more about trauma-informed interventions.

  3. Hello. My Name is Virginia known to all as Ginger. I work for a Family Violence Sexual Assault Program, a non-profit governmental unit. I work with children from school age to early adult. For 18 years I was a program coordinator with workforce development in which I dealt with a realm of social and human service needs. I have been in my current position for about a year and I am looking forward to learning how to better serve my clients.

  4. Hello…My Name is Andrew Jerry Dawson Sr,am from Belize, I work with the Department of youth services which basical is the one of the governments agencies that is mandated with the responsibility to engage and empower youth across the country. Our main target is in and out of school youth, and I pretty much work with youth who have types of traumatic stories to looking forward to add some of these skills set so I can address my youth issues better.

  5. Hello everyone! My name is Annie O’Shaughnessy. I live in Vermont and work at the Center for Technology, Essex teaching English & Mindfulness to 11 and 12th graders 1/4 time. I also teach educators Mindfulness and Restorative Practices–focusing on the powerful intersection between the two, which happens to be currently expressed through the emerging field of Interpersonal Neurobiology. I previously worked at a therapeutic high school for at-risk youth until a head injury changed my world. While there I learned a lot about trauma and it’s impact on kids. One result of the change to my brain was pursuing and recently earning an MEd in Mindfulness for Educators. I am taking this course because I am a huge fan of Sam’s work, having followed it since 2013 when he published, A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Working with High-Risk Adolescents. I am also taking this course because I believe trauma-informed teaching will become even more essential in the years to come and I wish to become more fluent in the topic, so I can offer more to the teachers I teach. Thank you for offering this at such an affordable cost.

  6. Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I live and work in California. I work in the schools delivering mental health therapy to help students access their education.

  7. Hi All, my name is Kathy. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and I live, teach, and practice in San Antonio, Texas. The clinic I work in is at an alternate High School and so many of the adolescents I have worked with have suffered significant traumas in their lives. I feel prepared to care for many of their medical needs but not prepared to deal with how trauma has affected their lives. I am excited to learn something that will help me be a better and more informed provider for these teens.

  8. Hi everyone! My name is Sabine. I live in Germany and I am a mindfulness educator and teacher. I currently teach immigrant and refugee teens at a public school, and I facilitate mindfulness and resilience trainings for students, teachers and other individuals.

    I am very excited about this course, and I am positive it will be greatly beneficial for my work. I have lots of teens from Syria, and I have noticed that mindfulness practice feels good to them, but I feel I do not know enough about trauma, which, of course, especially among my target group, is a huge topic.

  9. Hello again, I forgot to answer- I have worked with adolescents who have experienced trauma for about 15 years. It has been awhile since I have taken a course, and so I want to review the information and update my trainings. This work is so important and I appreciate being a part of this community! I look forward to the training, thank you!

  10. Hi everyone! My name is Sarah. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am currently on maternity leave from my work as a social worker. I work in child protection, specifically with children in care. I am looking forward to taking this course and learning how to better support and connect with youth that I am working with. Over the past few years I have noticed a shift to more of trauma informed practice, and am hoping to further enhance my skills in this area

  11. Hello! I teach mindfulness to public school elementary students in very diverse city schools in Cambridge, MA. Many students are from immigrant families and have trauma backgrounds, so my hope is to more deeply understand how to teach mindfulness appropriately to these students. I am looking forward to understanding more about how trauma effects behavior in the classroom, and how to help students more comfortably settle their nervous systems, feel safe, and be ready for learning.

  12. Hello, my name is Nicole Schingeck I am the social/emotional counselor for Hartland Schools in Michigan. I also have a private practice and work with juveniles in the court system. I also run a group 2 days a week in our local jail with women who are Opiate addicts. I teach mindfulness, yoga, and meditation as part of emotional regulation. Many of the individuals I work with have experienced PTSD and trauma. I am super excited for the course!!!!!!!!!!! I love anything to help others!

  13. Hi everyone. I’m on the east coast of the U.S., and my background is in English for Speakers of Other Languages. I became interested in trauma-informed teaching because I’ve done some work with refugees, and also because many of my ‘privileged’ students at an elite school came from backgrounds with a surprising degree of trauma. I’m currently transitioning into mindfulness teaching, with an emphasis on self-care for educators and other helping professionals. I’m hoping to learn about the day-to-day challenges of trauma care and how to support people who are experiencing burnout and vicarious trauma.

  14. Hi everyone. Glad to be here. I’m Kirstie, from Brighton, England. I’m a foster/adoptive parent and I teach somatic-based family resiliency and blocked care/secondary trauma prevention programs. My clients are mainly parents who care for children with a history of trauma and attachment wounds, and those in their support systems such as teachers and social workers. I’m looking forward to broadening my knowledge and perspectives on trauma-informed care, because I know it can make the world of difference to whether we are sustaining, or healing, the impact of trauma.

  15. Hi All,

    My name is Christine I’m from Long Island, New York. I’m one of the Program Directors for Harlem Lacrosse. We are a school-based non-profit that aims to change the life trajectories of under-served youth in inner-cities. I recently obtained my graduate degree from the Community and Trauma Counseling Program from Philadelphia University where learned about the high prevalence of trauma, especially among children and families from urban, under-resourced communities. I’ve had experience working with inner-city youth in Philadelphia and have also interned at the Renfrew Center. I hope that this course will provide me more skills and tools to use with the children I serve and also as a refresher course and to learn about ways to implement trauma-informed principles in my organization.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all!

  16. Hello all,
    My name is Linda and I live in Delta Junction Alaska. Two weeks ago it was -50 degree’s. So while trapped in my home, I decided to take your course. I am a Social Worker with my Masters and LCSW. I am the CEO of an adoption agency in Colorado and the parent of two adoptees from Liberia, West Africa both having RAD and are children of trauma. As a professional in the field of adoption and attachment work I have found that there are very few services available and I want to move forward with private practice when we move to Arizona. ( I know one extreme to the other) and work with adoptive families with Trauma kiddos. I have found that there are no college course in this field and found you on accident. There are no accidents are there. Thanks SAM…

  17. Hi, I’m Stephanie Edman. I’m about to begin teaching mindfulness classes at a high school in Portland, Oregon with Peace in Schools. I hope to learn how to become more aware of how trauma may manifest in behaviors and how to best support someone experiencing it. SO happy to be here.

  18. Hi everyone, My name is Kim and I teach in a second-chance education centre in Limerick, Ireland. I work with young offenders and youth at risk between the ages of 15 and 21. The community in which we are located is socially disadvantaged with high levels of crime, gang violence and generational unemployment. I believe many of the young people I work with were unable to cope with mainstream education because they are suffering from high levels of trauma and PTSD. I hope this course will provide me with tools to better support and engage the young people in this community. Feeling excited to learn something so relevant and which could make a real difference to my students.

  19. Greetings from the Sunshine State!

    My name is Elaine and I supervise a child abuse & neglect prevention program here in Tampa, FL. The majority of the traumatized youth that we work with are either going to be parents themselves or already have children, so that adds a whole other dynamic. The rest of them would be the child of one of our clients so we would work with them indirectly. From this course, I’m looking to hopefully learn some new information on how to better work with these youth directly or be able to better support the parents of these youth.

    I’m looking forward to working with you all!

  20. Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am in Tulsa, OK. I am the Interim Executive Director at New Hope Oklahoma, a non-profit working with children impacted by the incarceration of a parent/parents. All of our children have experienced trauma and I would like to be as well informed as possible on trauma specific interventions so that our staff, in turn, have all of the information that they need to be effective group leaders and mentors.

  21. Hi, my name is Jole and I am from Washington State. I work with youth in the juvenile justice system, most of whom have experienced and are still experiencing trauma. I am looking forward to learning more about this topic. I am always seeking new or up to date information to improve my interactions with youth.

  22. Hi, everyone! I’m a behavior analyst (BCBA) living and working in northern New York. The bulk of my work has been as a consultant for schools and families caring for and educating children with autism. More and more I am being asked to observe neurotypical students with behavior “problems” to offer recommendations on interventions. I am really interested in stress management as a form of antecedent intervention (across the spectrum of autism and beyond) and want to better understand trauma as it relates to stress in the body and how it manifests as behavior.

  23. Hi everyone – what an exciting group of practitioners. My name is Ria, and I am a teacher in the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (juvenile justice facility) in Boston. I have worked in and around juvenile justice (mostly girls until now) and the families that are impacted by it for all of my teaching life, and come from a family that was heavily impacted by violence and trauma over several generations. Having formal training around the trauma lens is something that I am very much looking forward to. I finished a master’s degree at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education last year, where my focus was on developing constructivist learning environments (Waldorf, Montessori) for incarcerated youth. Trauma-informed practices became a huge component in my studies, especially for adolescent survivors of injury from interpersonal and community violence. Upon graduation I founded a juvenile justice education research initiative at the Education School, where our small team is now focused on educational practices in four regions of the U.S. Very excited to be learning with and from this dynamic group of people, and sharing out the knowledge in my respective workplaces – it is so desperately needed.

  24. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Tina. I live in Belize. I am the director of Project HEAL( Hope Education Altering Lives). I work with children between the ages of 9-14. I am excited about this course and any new material I can learn to work with our traumatized children.

  25. Hi, This is Arlene. I have my own private practice in a small rural town in northern Wisconsin, IL. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and often have referrals of clients who have suffered various traumas. I see both children and adults and recognize how their lives can be difficult because of their past experiences. I taught elementary school for 27 years before getting my MSW and knew that I had to be able to reach the parents in order to help the children. I have worked in a domestic violence agency, and then agency that provided treatment for children and adults of sexual assault. I also spent about a year providing intensive in home services for families that were struggling with behavior issues. I’m am hoping to learn more about how to help those dealing with trauma in our Tri-County area in the Northwoods.

  26. Hi All!
    My name is Maria. I’m a school psychologist in Boston. I work with youth (Kinder-8th grade) from all over the city of Boston. I hope to deepen my understanding of trauma, learn how to help and support students who have experienced trauma, and come out of this course with some ideas from my teachers and staff!

    I’m very excited to get started!!

  27. Hello All,
    My name is Barb and I live in Evanston, IL. I have worked in psychiatric adolescent inpatient units, inpatient addiction units, therapeutic schools, private practice, and am now in an affluent suburb north of Chicago that quietly has an astounding amount of trauma – often buried in secrets, money, power and intimidation used to coerce denial, and silence -if any one dares to intervene… all the while presenting that perfect family picture.

    I also plan to become more involved in my community of Evanston and working with youth and young mothers. I am taking this course because I am finding relevance in the more recent focus (ACE for example) on acknowledging and understanding trauma in youth. I am also completing the Year Long program with Mindful schools and find Mindfulness incredibly powerful and valuable in supporting these kids. I continue to be compelled by the growth in research, understanding, advocacy, and more informed approach through which to guide youth through the complex experience and expression of trauma – some thing to stand on to help these kids see their way through(!). I want to learn more. Thanks.

  28. Oops – Barb again; I’m a clinical Social worker working with different programs both community and also in the affluent school district.

  29. hello, I’m a Forensic Mental Health therapist, working at Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County for the past 12 years. With that said, I’ve had lots of exposure to trauma both professionally and personally. I was so excited finding out about Sam’s website and the courses being offered. So many of my clients have been exposed to trauma often times landing them in custody. I’m so excited to learn more about being trauma informed therapist!

  30. Hello! My name is Colleen and I live in Worcester MA. I am an In Home Behavior Therapist. I work with young people and their families primarily in Southern Worcester County. My clients range from age 4 to 16. A couple of years ago, I was working with a lot of youth with either an autism or an ADHD diagnosis but recently, I have had a lot of young people who have been sexually abused, homeless, or witness to domestic violence. I realized that this population needs special treatment and I began attending trauma conferences and reading all that I can get my hands on to understand trauma. Most of my kiddos are 10 and under but I do have a couple of teenage boys that I really need to get a better understanding of what affects their lives in order to be more effective in helping them. In fact Sam, I have a young man right now whom I can see taking that road you took. He is of my utmost concern as I wrestle with writing his behavior plan. I look forward to taking this journey with all of you!

  31. Hello everyone! My name is Monique. I reside in The Bahamas. I am a high school counselor. My target population is pregnant and parenting teens; (ages 14-17 years old). A number of my students have experienced trauma. My goal is to gain a better understanding of trauma so I can better serve my students.
    I am looking forward to this course and learning from all of you.

  32. Glad to be on this journey with everyone! I teach yoga and mindfulness to students of all ages including adults and look forward to learning more strategies and skills to help students with trauma.

  33. Hi everyone… My name is Jennifer. I live in Houston, Texas. I am currently a behavior specialist for a school district. I work with children who have behavior issues in the academic setting. I’m hoping to gain a better understanding on how trauma affects the learning process.

  34. Hello everyone! I am a licensed MFT in California (Bay Area), turned stay at home mom( a couple years ago…)! I have worked with children and families in school settings for over a decade at both public and charter schools. mostly at the middle school level. I am here to keep current, stay educated and build my skill set as I begin my process of slowly going back to work.

  35. Hi All,
    My name is Fiona Gauntlett and I’m an accredited mindfulness practitioner based in Perth, Western Australia. My work encompasses facilitation of mindfulness sessions as well as program development predominantly in the education sector. My recent projects have included a whole-school life skills program entitled the MAT™ Toolbox ( and an online basketball program for youth (
    I am hoping to deepen my understanding of trauma and develop greater skilfulness in recognising and managing the manifestations of trauma particularly in classroom settings.
    Sam, I am very appreciative of you creating a professional learning opportunity that can be accessed internationally. And I look forward to connecting with everyone as we go through the course. Thank you!

  36. Hi. My name is Sandra Cornell.I am a grad student at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. I am a resident of Orlando, Florida. I am looking forward to learning some of these new techniques. I am working with the foster care system with children/adolescents who are at risk. I hope to gain knowledge in order to help my kids better. I hope to gain knowledge and wisdom from my fellow mates as we pass through this class together.
    Thank you and talk to you soon.

  37. Hi,

    My name is Mia and I am from Nanaimo BC in Canada.
    I work for a non-profit organization that provides counselling and
    support groups to youth.
    I look forward learning more about Trauma so I can better support the youth
    in my community.

    I look forward connecting with all of you!

  38. Hi my name is Sandy and I work as a Behavioral Coach for ED’s in high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m also studying to get my degree in Social Work at Humboldt State University. I’m hoping to find some new interventions that will help me better connect with my students. I look forward to learning with you all!

  39. Hi I am Matt. I am an LCSW and work and live in San Francisco, CA. I work in a school as a social worker and also have a private practice where I see youth and families. I’m looking forward to hearing more about complex trauma and deepening my learning around different theories and interventions.

  40. Hi my Name is Marion but prefer to be called by my middle name Dianne. I am the coordinator of The TheYouth Apprenticeship Program in Belize which focuses on Young Puerile whom have dropped out of school or have had contact with the law and single mothers. I also do motivational and mentoring sessions with Gang Leaders and their affiliates. Crime is a major concern in Belize and I realize that it’s not as easy to ask these guys to put down the gun it’s beyond that and I’m truly excited to learn a while lot from this training. Thanks Sam.

  41. Hello. My name is Nicol. I live in New York and work as the Assistant Director of a Bereavement Center. I also work in private practice and previously worked as a school counselor (middle & high schools) for 12 years. I am a (soon to be licensed) Mental Health Counselor and I am really looking forward to taking this course.

  42. Hello! My name is Rob. I live in Truckee, California and work with The Gateway Mountain Center providing support for youth facing challenges. I look forward to learning more about trauma, how it affects psychological functioning, and how I can implement this knowledge to better serve the children in our program.

  43. Hi, My Name is Michelle Skellion. I live in the Rocky Mountain town of Eagle Colorado. Being a practicing Massage Therapist for 16 years and teaching Mindfulness at our local elementary school i’m looking forward at starting to unfold and get educated on the many facets of trauma that come my way. Its an exciting time to be part of this community!

  44. Hi everyone! My name is Janice Martellucci and I’m currently living in Portland, OR. I work for a non-profit called Peace in Schools. I teach 3 sections of a semester-long, for credit mindfulness course in a local public high school. I’m really excited to get some official training around trauma-informed practices–so much of my learning thus far has happened organically while being in the field. Part of my job is editing our curriculum and I’m excited to be able to look at our curriculum again after taking this course. I hope this course helps me become more skillful in responding to the difficult moments while working with teens.

  45. Hello everyone! I’m Jandy and I live in San Jose, CA. I’m training to become a licensed MFT. I currently facilitate a group of people who have lost a loved one to suicide and I work on a crisis hotline. My most meaningful internship was working with youth on probation. I was fortunate to attend another of Sam’s courses and had the chance to introduce some young people to meditation and the power of pausing to choose a response. I am grateful to Sam’s teachings for I found the mindfulness approach well received by the youth and helpful to them. I hope to learn more about trauma and how to apply mindfulness. Looking forward to learning more from you Sam!

  46. Hi, I am Charity. I live in Hood River, Oregon. I am a teacher at a day treatment facility for high school level boys. Most of our student come into our program having committed an offence. Most of them also have some form of trauma in their past. I am hoping to learn more about how to be careful to provide an educational setting that is trauma informed.

  47. Hello all! I’m Carol and I’m in Toronto, Canada. I’m a Psychotherapist and Film Professor here, and have worked with youth for over 34 years in community, university, and drop-in settings. I’m passionate about education, compassionate mindfulness, and in particular, trauma-education and demystifying all things trauma-related (a lifelong health activist since the early 70’s). My FB Page is The Trauma Project (since 2011) where I aggregate and curate information about trauma, healing modalities, educational efforts around the A.C.E.S. study, the latest trauma research, policies and politics related to mental health, and art-related projects. I invite you to visit! At the moment I am developing Online courses for lay-persons (adult, and non-clinical) introducing folks to intergenerational, complex, and shock trauma – basic Psycho-education and creative exercises to acquaint and normalize the healing process, and demystify the field… so I”m delighted to be auditing this course and promoting it on my Page for all those who work with youth.

  48. Hello, Joni here. I am a Licensced Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist in Grand Junction, CO. I am currently the Director of Youth Programs at HopeWest – a free-standing, non-profit palliative and hospice care organization. My hope is to get a little deeper into the neuroscience of trauma.

  49. Hello! My name is Kathy and I live in Carlsbad CA. I moved here 2 1/2 yrs ago from Anchorage Ak. I originally worked as a social worker at a women’s residential facility. I also worked as a school social worker, school counselor and employment coordinator for job placement. After moving to CA I want to finish licensure as LPCC.
    I have taken Dr. Himestein’s Mindful-based Interventions with High-risk adolescents in San Diego. I really enjoyed the workshop and gained a better understanding of mindfulness work and hope to gain a better understanding of trauma when working with clients. I have a job interview in Oceanside at another residential treatment facility next week.

  50. Hello everyone,
    My name is Gamalier and i go by Gami. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. In the past i have worked at state mental hospitals with adolescents and adults. I have done lots of work at health clinics working as a Registered Medical Assistant alongside doctors. I grew up with a pretty intense environment, later in life i was able to redirect my energy into positive outcomes. I hope to expand my knowledge after completing this course. I want to be as fit as i can mentally to confront any situation regarding trauma with our young people. I would also like to hear from all others about different stories and believe this is something important that will let us become more flexible with situations. Thanks for the time and see you all sometime!

  51. Hi everyone!
    My first name is Franz but I go by my middle name Ted. I’m a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) in Salt Lake City, UT. I started working with adolescents in 1995 as a field instructor in a wilderness program. This was my first exposure to adolescents in state’s custody (Juvenile Justice Services-JJS). At the time, our program was an alternative to secure care confinement. I enjoyed this population so much that I became a Case Manager/Probation Officer while attending graduate school to become licensed therapist. About 5 years ago I chose to become a therapist full-time working this population in contracted group homes.

  52. Hello! My name is Katie I live on Cape Cod, and feel so lucky to drive by the ocean every morning on the way to work!
    I am the Director of School Based Programming for a non-profit organization, that brings mindfulness to schools on Cape Cod. It was in 2010 that I was in the audience at a mindfulness in education forum at Lesley University and sat on the edge of my chair as I listened to a keynote speaker named Sam Himelstein:) talk about his work. Our organization was pretty new and I had just started teaching for Calmer Choice, and found such inspiration in Sam’s words and work. I have been eagerly awaiting this course. I look forward to being more trauma informed and bring what I learn to the youth we serve.

  53. My name is Linette and I’m based in the North Seattle area. I’m currently in a Certification program with Mindful Schools and am teaching in several schools in the region. I’ve recently been asked to practice some mindfulness with students one-on-one at a high risk/high trauma school. I don’t have a ton of education with trauma so know that I’m in the right place to learn and be able to implement practices that I will learn in this forum. I’m so appreciative to have this community!

  54. Hello, my name is Connie. I am a Clinical Social Worker employed by a mental health agency to provide school based treatment to students in grades K-12 in a small school district in Minnesota through a new School-Linked Mental Health Therapy program. I have advanced training in Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching. Most of my clinical experience has been in the mental health field. Many of the students that I work with have experienced trauma which impacts the way they see themselves in the world, experience the world and function in the world. I am looking forward to this course hoping it will provide me with more tools to assist the students I work with.

  55. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I live on Cape Cod Massachusetts. I teach Mindfulness in the schools for Calmer Choice. I am also taking courses hoping to get into a program for Occupational Therapy assistant. I feel like knowing more about trauma and youths can only be helpful and am looking forward to taking this course.

  56. Hi everyone,

    My names is Brigid and I am a somatic psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. The majority of my work has been with families and adults in the public mental health center as well as higher education psychiatric setting.

    I will soon begin working with refugee youth who have experienced significant trauma. I look forward to this course of study that provides insight that combines trauma informed practice with a specific development focus and understanding of youth. Thank you!

  57. Hello everyone,

    My name is Anna, and live in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). It’s really neat to see people from all over the world on this forum.
    I have worked with youth in the justice field for about 6 years before transitioning to mental health (as if it wasn’t the same thing). I’m actually on maternity leave right now, but also finishing a graduate social work program and an internship in a children’s hospital conducting risk assessments and bridging for young people presenting with mental health concerns.
    I am hoping to learn more about trauma and perhaps add some interventions to my to my practice. I’m looking forward to taking this course.

  58. My name is Maya and I work with Charity, another person in this course, at an alternative school and day treatment center for adjudicated youth in Hood River, OR. I work as a drug and alcohol counselor both at the school I just mentioned and in a medically managed detox unit for adults at a hospital setting in Portland. I took Sam’s course on mindfulness based substance abuse treatment for adolescents and was excited to have another opportunity to take a class from him. I’m hoping to learn more about how trauma affects learning and behavior as well as gain some interventions for working with clients who have experienced trauma.

  59. I live in northern Virginia outside of Washington, DC and work for 2 non-profits. For MINDS, Incorporated, I work as Director of Operations and manage programs in Virginia and teach mindfulness to teens; MINDS bring mindfulness practices to youth in education settings. We have served over 11,000 youth and 3,000 adults since 2013. Especially motivated to empower those managing PTSD, anxiety and depression, I work as Program Manager for Center for Earth Based Healing serving women & teen girl survivors of sexual & domestic violence. We offer eco-therapy based healing weekend retreats. I have been teaching yoga since 2009(E-RYT, CTSY) and have taken Street Yoga (Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth) and a weeklong training with David Emerson from JRI for Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Since 2015, I have served as volunteer staff for iBme(Inward Bound Mindfulness Education) retreats in Virginia. Although I do not work with traumatized youth on a daily basis, I feel it’s critical to continually increase my knowledge base. Two of my colleagues at MINDS rave about your work and I am excited to be able to learn from you.:)

  60. Hi, my name is Julie and I live in Nevada City, California. I’m a licensed psychotherapist and working with youth and their families through 2 different mental health non-profits. I’ve been working in this field for over 9 years, in group home, academic and community settings. I work mostly with teens and kids who are at risk, and the majority have some type of trauma. I look forward to learning more about somatic and mindfulness techniques to use with clients, as well as how to track their physical and emotional signs to know when they’re being triggered, etc. Grateful to be here and in this community of folks from all over the world… all with similar intentions and life purposes! 🙂

  61. Hi all! My name is Nancy. I live and work in the Truckee Tahoe basin, for Gateway Mountain Center. I provide wellness programs, and therapeutic interventions to alt. Ed schools– both as a whole or with individual students, a court ordered school, and to visiting schools that we host on field trips to the Sierra Nevada. Time for a refresher on using a trauma informed lens. My 25 yr background is informed by holistic health education, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, somatics, and a number of courses with Peter Levine and some of his collaborators. Taking this course cuz SAM is so great! Thx for putting this together, Sam.

  62. Hi everyone! I’m Virginia but have always gone by Ginny. I work in an educational opportunity program called Upward Bound at Bowdoin College in Maine where we serve low-income, first generation college bound students from mostly very rural high schools. We’re federally funded and our mission is to provide education, support and encouragement to get students ready for admission and success in higher ed. In the summer, our students spend 6 weeks in our residential academic program here on campus and over the past 15 years with the program, I have seen students’ social/emotional needs increase dramatically. Issues of anxiety and depression as well as trauma are pervasive and students’ strategies for coping with stress are often few and ineffective (or unhealthy). I’m hoping to refresh & update my understanding of trauma and it’s myriad impacts and hopefully gain new ways of supporting students in their resilience. Very excited to learn more from Sam and all of you!

  63. Shirley
    Hello. My name is Shirley and I live and work in Montrose, Colorado. I am an LCSW working for HopeWest, a hospice and palliative care organization on the western slope of Colorado. I have worked with kids for many decades in a number of settings. Currently, I provide youth bereavement services to kids and teens who have experienced a death loss of a loved one. This includes any type of death loss including traumatic death loss. I am looking forward to learning more about trauma informed therapy and neurological impacts of trauma on youth.

  64. Hi! I am Zoe from Cape Cod. I work with a local organization that teaches mindfulness to children in a school based program. I work with children from age 5 to age 14, and adults as well! I am also in the middle of obtaining a master’s degree in Social Work. My current placement is at a middle school, working with children ages 11 to 13. I am very excited to be taking this course, as it combines my interest in social work and anti-oppressive practices with my love of working with adolescents.

  65. Hi, I’m JoAnn; I live in Menlo Park, CA and work in Palo Alto and Redwood City for Adolescent Counseling Services. I am currently an MFT intern working with adolescents in both school-based and clinic-based settings. The school I work in is a continuation high school, with a large population of immigrant and lower economic status students, most of whom have experienced some type of trauma (or are still experiencing it). Through my clinic-based work I also have the opportunity to work with parents/families. I took the Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Treatment course with Sam back in October 2015, and use so much of that material. I’m excited to be learning with Sam again for this course!

  66. I’m Andra. I have a private practice in Weatherford, Oklahoma. I work with children and families, marriage counseling etc, and I do play therapy.

  67. Hello,

    My name is Ryan and I live in Hailey Idaho. I find great peace in spending time outside and also in personal reflection. Throughout the day I work with different people in our community through a lens of contemplative practice and an organization called the Flourish Foundation. Looking forward to our shared time together.

  68. Patty Weinstein

    Hi My name is Patty Weinstein and I live in Mashpee Mass. I teach mindfulness to children ages pre-school thru 6th grade with an organization called Calmer Choice. What I hope to gain from this course is knowledge about what trauma is and how to recognize the behavior of a child suffering from trauma.

  69. Greetings! My name is Peter Mayfield, I direct the Gateway Mountain Center, and a program called Whole Hearts, Minds and Bodies- nature based therapeutic mentoring for high-need youth. We are located up in the Tahoe-Truckee area of California, and work with a variety of youth facing challenges, many are highly impacted by trauma. A few of us are graduates of Sam’s Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Treatment certification, and we look forward to broadening our awareness and skills in supporting our youth clients.

  70. Hello everyone, My name is Eckert Middleton, I am from Belize working at the Department of Youth Services as the sexual and reproductive health unit manager. Our department works with youth ages 15 to 29 (in school and unattached youth) to help build their capacity in various areas of empowerment. Some examples are: sexual and reproductive health, job preparedness and self-employment, meaningful youth participation in governmental actions and a meaningful participation of the overall development of Belize. I am looking forward to learn a lot from this course and to use it in my work. I am also taking the mindfulness course introduction to build my capacity. I am looking forward to learn as much as I can.

  71. Hello everybody,

    I’m Greg Bernstein. I am Director of Operations at Gateway Mountain Center. We are a non-profit based in beeeeeeutiful Truckee California in the Sierra Mountains, just north of Lake Tahoe. We provide a wide range of programs aimed at connecting youth with themselves, their communities and nature. Our programs range from multi-day school field trips to wellness programs in the local schools and one-to-one nature-based therapeutic mentoring. In all we serve over 2000 students per year. A number of our mentors and staff just completed the Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Therapy course and Nancy Minges ( who is also taking this course ) and I are leading a group through that curriculum right now. I am looking forward to diving into this great work that Sam is putting out there.

  72. Hi All I am Bev and I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I am an educator and narrative therapist. I train teachers as a profession. My spare time is spent in the community working with victims of crime. I am really keen to learn more about dealing with trauma as it is very common place in South Africa due to our high rate of violent crime.

  73. Hi! My name is Melissa and I am from Maine. I own a small occupational therapy company, provide services for children ages 0-16. We have many, many children with anxiety as well as other mental health diagnoses. We provide a lot of work on sensory processing, executive function. and self-regulation skill with this population. I am hoping to gain some insight and learn further strategies to support these children and their families.

  74. Good morning to all. My name is Marilyn Mochel and I live in the heart of the Central Valley of California. I am a registered nurse and work in the community to increase understanding about health equity and the social factors (determinants) of health. The community is very diverse with a high rate of poverty, violence and disconnected youth. Trauma informed care is beginning to be discussed in relation to youth and especially foster youth.

  75. Hi Everyone! I’m Sarah and I live in Oakland, CA. I have worked as a high school counselor and therapist. I’m excited to learn more about the impact of trauma on the adolescent brain. I’m also excited to learn skills and practices that may help youth with a trauma history can find success in school and in relationships (and for schools and classrooms to better adapt to their needs).

  76. Hi! My name is Amanda Fuhrman and I live and work in a suburb of Philadelphia. I am in private practice and work largely with adolescents diagnosed with ADHD and/or anxiety. I am hoping to broaden my scope of practice to better serve those that enter my office with a trauma history.

  77. Hi, I am Jennifer and I live in Dallas, TX. I am a graduate student and am taking the course to broaden my knowledge about working with youth.

  78. Hi, my name is Laura and I live in Truckee, California. I am a School Psychologist and as a Licensed Educational Psychologist. Within the schools, I work primarily with students with severe social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. In my private practice, I consult with families in various ways and I am beginning to provide supervision for mentors who work with youth. I’m hoping to better understand my personal impact on students with trauma and how I can best provide a safe space so that we can make progress toward goals.

  79. Hi guys. Wow, you all do amazing work! My name is Sadia Mohammad. I am a high school teacher who teaches at a Title 1 school in the Bay Area, California. Taking this course is a personal endeavor to become a more mindful and informed person/teacher. I have noticed A LOT of trauma in my students and honestly have been feeling overwhelmed by it as to how to both teach effectively and deal with it. I feel like trauma (however big or small, apparent or subtle, acknowledged or ignored) becomes a big hurdle in the way of a student’s success and so attention needs to be paid to it.

  80. Hi! I’m Darby Munroe in South Florida. I am an educator, advocate and artist. I have worked with at-risk youth in traditional schools, alternative schools, online, and in juvenile justice settings. One of my goals is to raise awareness on how trauma affects learning and behavior in school settings. I would like to get involved in restorative justice and peer mentoring. I am also starting a business that will provide trauma informed family mediation and parenting classes for families going through high conflict divorces.

  81. Hi all, I’m Kate Crisp, E.D of the Prison Mindfulness Institute/Engaged Mindfulness Institute. I’ve been working in prisons for many years teaching mindfulness-based emotional intelligence skills and especially love working with youth in juvi detention. Sam’s book has been helpful in our work and I’m looking forward to this course!

  82. Jody

    Hi, my name is Jody Stacy. I am a resident of Silver Springs, FLorida, and I work as a counselor/therapist at Heart of Florida Youth Ranch in Citra, Florida. I am looking to sharpen my skills as a therapist in this specialized field of trauma-based care, so that I can be more effective and helpful with the children that I counsel. I am looking forward to move forward in my ability to help children heal from their trauma experiences. Thank you for this opportunity.

  83. Good Afternoon. My name is Terry Ignowski. I am a Victim’s Service Director in Wheeler County, Oregon. I also do Emergency Management for the County.
    I am a Foster Parent also. I feel the more I can learn in this area the more I can help my victims, foster children and in the event of a disaster I will be able to do my job better.

  84. Hi, my name is Irene Su. I am a clinician here in California working with high risk adolescents and their families. The more I learn, the more I know. I want to be an effective clinician in working with youth to help them understand themselves and for their family to understand them. Thank you for the opportunity to gain more knowledge regarding trauma based care.

  85. Hi, My name is Renee Metty and I live in Seattle. I founded a mindfulness based, Montessori inspired preschool and I also travel around the country facilitating trainings for people working with youth and for people in business organizations. I am also a doctoral student (2nd semester) potentially looking at mindfulness, presence in regards to somatic psychology. I am excited for this course!

  86. Hi Sam and everyone here on the posts,
    I’m glad to be part of this! I work with youth having a history of extreme trauma, family instability and alcohol/drug use. We interact through art and restorative justice frameworks, in all cases I encourage free association, uncensored expression and non-directive dialogue. I’m thrilled to be learning new skills to better support these kids who I care so much about.

  87. Hi! My name is Audrey. I am currently a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student in Washington, DC. In September I will begin working at a new site where I will be working with children and adolescents who have endured trauma. I am taking this course to better prepare myself.

  88. Hi all,

    My name is Lisa. I work with Maya and Charity at an alternative school and treatment center in Hood River, Oregon. I am a case manager/counselor working with adjudicated youth. I’m hoping to broaden my knowledge of working with youth who have trauma.

  89. Greetings! My name is Pricilla. I am a Sr. Youth Development Officer at the Department of Youth Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture. I am from the beautiful Central American country of Belize. The target group I work on a day to day basis are young people between the ages of 13- 29. I am hoping that by the end of this course I will be able to better work with young people dealing with trauma.

  90. I’m Julie, a social worker teaching mindfulness to teens at an alternative high school in the Denver area. Looking forward to learning with all of you.

  91. Hi. I’m Jodie. I am a school psychologist and school counselor and I provide professional development opportunities for other school psychs in my school district in Lynnwood, WA. I am hopeful that I will learn more about how to recognize signs of trauma and toxic stress and, importantly, how to develop and/or provide interventions to support students experiencing trauma and/or toxic stress.

  92. hi All, i’m Megan, i live in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles). i teach in the schools in different capacities, both as a professional Teaching Artist (music) and as a Mindfulness Teacher. I have trained and continue training with Mindful Schools, as well as other oganizations. I work with around 500 kids a week in all the different programs i teach and i have become better at spotting trauma in different forms and hope to have an even better understanding of it after this course. Additionally, i teach Mindfulness in Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles, and of course these kids have often been through much trauma. In the sense of Social Justice, i think about how trauma, diagnosed and undiagnosed, can contribute to kids being stigmatized, labeled, and marginalized in the classroom and beyond. i have an awareness of the “school to prison pipeline,” especially in some of the communities i work in, and anything i can do to offer intervention is time well spent. looking forward the course. Thanks, Sam!

  93. Hello Friends

    My name is Jared Alden & i am currently serving the Tahoe-Truckee area of California working with youth in a wide variety of settings most relevantly as a guide for the Gateway Mountain Center & as a mentor for Peter Mayfield’s Whole Hearts Minds & Bodies mentoring program. In the past I have worked within acute psychiatric lockdown hospitals for adolescents in the Philadelphia area. My purpose for taking this course is to gain new knowledge, insights & tools that may directly impact & impove the effectiveness of my efforts to guide & mentor adolescents recovering from trauma.

  94. Hi all,

    My name is Danielle. I’m currently in India but I am from southwestern Ontario, Canada. I work with children who have special needs. I look forward to pursuing this course with all of you, and I hope that this course will be beneficial in the treatment and care for many of these kids and young adults.


  95. My name is Robbyn, I am Programme Manager for a health-based youth charity in London. I run a programme that places teams of youth workers in four hospitals across London, working with young people under 25 who have been the victim of a serious assault. I am looking forward to learning more about the current theories around trauma informed care.

  96. Hello guys, I am a Kiwi born OT working in Calgary, Canada. I am a trained Occupational Therapist working in an outpatient setting. I also do private work Sam, Thanks for being so open to questions! I am looking forward to joining the FB page also!

  97. Greetings all, What a great group of people! I am Eve Ekman I live in San Francisco, I work with health care providers who are suffering from burnout and vicarious trauma. I am a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF in the department of Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.

  98. Hey all! What a cool event we’re diving into! I’m currently a Masters student of Somatic Psychology graduating in August! I’m working with Youth in Truckee, CA through Gateway Adventures Whole Hearts, Minds and Bodies. I’m so fascinated by our normal responses to abnormal experiences and can’t wait to get more information in my mind-body!

  99. Thanks, Sam. What an amazing group of people to be associated with. I am truly honored to be here. My name is T. Greg and I am a co-founder and developer of the Boys to Men USA (BTMUSA) center in Tucson, AZ, the Desert Men’s Council. Last year, I helped create BTMUSA, a national network of communities of dedicated men who are able to guide and support young, often fatherless boys on their journey to manhood. Our school programs work with male youth from 13-18 yo with a unique group mentoring style. At both the national and local level, I am committed to creating safe circles where boys feel free to share their challenges and successes, and explore their journey to manhood. All told, I have been involved with youth development and mentoring for over 25 years. Becoming trauma informed is a number one priority for me and the mentors I train. Looking forward to the connection!

  100. Hi all! So energized by knowing all of the folks across the globe dedicated to building their tools in working with youth. I am beginning to work on a teen health/ mental health center for youth across Santa Clara County. My background is in social work and in teaching yoga in a range of settings from juvenile halls to schools and community centers. I’m always looking to grow my knowledge base and tools in my own work and to share with other providers with whom I will be working.

  101. Hello, all! My name is Ashliegh Belrose, and I’m an Instructional Aide at the Center for Technology in Essex Junction, Vermont. As a technical education school, we deal with a lot of kids who suffer form trauma so I’m taking this course to supplement my knowledge and strategy as an educator. I’m hoping to become licensed to teach Tech Ed as well as General Science. As a side note, I also hope to adopt through the foster care system in my state, so this course should help me succeed in that goal of mine as well. Excited to be here.

  102. Hello my name is Gloria. I live in Michigan. I’ve worked at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and as a middle school counselor. Currently, I’m presenting workshops to early childhood educators, foster parents, and others. I joined this class to see if there are some key points that I’m missing. My goal is to make sure that children have the opportunity to demonstrate what they’re good at or their strengths.

  103. Stephanie Gonzalez

    Hello All!
    My name is Stephanie. I am from Northern California. I work as a Recreational Therapist for HHMB. I am pretty new to this roll. I wanted to take this class to better understand how I can connect and communicate in a more effective manner with the kids I work with.

  104. My name is Roy. I live in Newton, Kansas. I am the Executive Minister of a church. I provide support to the adults who volunteer to lead the youth ministry. We know several of the youth who participate have experienced trauma. I hope to learn to better understand the effects of trauma on youth and learn what we can do to help them outside of a behavioral and mental health setting.

  105. Hello all! I work at the Oregon Zoo with a teen program here, mostly with low-income and teens of color. I deal with trauma all the time, but I’m really looking forward to being able to gain some tools and understanding around trauma-informed education both for my work with the teens but also in regards to working with my coworkers. Super excited to get going!

  106. Hello! I’ve been a criminal defense attorney in Colorado for 19 years. I have represented an enormous amount of juveniles and adults who suffer from the effects of trauma and unfortunately become trapped in our criminal justice system. I want to develop more knowledge and skills in this area so that I can better educate judges, juries, prosecutors and my clients’ families on how trauma exposure, often untreated and ignored, negatively alters their life trajectory.

  107. Hello All,

    My name is Brandon, I live and work in Southern Oregon (Medford). I work and volunteer with various types of at risk youth and adults (aren’t all youth at risk?). I teach a variety of psychology, human relations, human development and self-development courses at the local community college. I also support GED students transferring to college courses.
    I’m a program director for Alliance of Generations Youth programs (bda Boys to Men of Southern Oregon), where we put on outdoor adventure weekends for 10 to 12-year-olds, and rites of passage for 14 to 17-year-olds. And as part of restorative justice programs we offer what we call youth/elder circles to youth and young men who have been referred to us through divergent restorative justice programs and through our juvenile services. We also recently started a schools mentoring program at a local alternative high school. And I volunteer with a couple of nonprofit organization’s where we participate in restorative justice and divergent program and go into the juvenile detention center and offer various one hour talks to local incarcerated youth.
    I feel very fortunate, excited and I’m very happy to be involved and work with amazing people and wonderful younger people.
    I’m taking this course in my attempt to deepen the work, relationships, understanding and challenges brought on by trauma to younger people in our community.
    It is already wonderful for me to hear all the amazing work you are all doing. Thank you!

  108. WOW!!! This really makes me inspired to hear how much work is being done with young people all over the world. Thanks everyone! My name is Katie. I live in St. Louis, MO am a yoga teacher and PE teacher. I work with adolescents in an after school program and at a juvenile detention center. What I’m hoping to gain from this course is more familiarity with tried and true trauma-informed practices with youth as well as more of an understanding of trauma (I’ve read some books etc but always want to learn more).

  109. Hi all!
    Wow, inspired by you all. I finished a Master’s in Education a year ago studying how traumatic/toxic stress affects learning and the brain for teenagers. I worked on developing a mindfulness and emotional development program that teachers could bring into their high school classrooms. I now have a small meditation company and I’m trying to work in how I can continue and improve work with high schoolers who have experienced trauma.

  110. Hi All,
    My name is Harris Talsky. I live in Truckee, CA and work with the Gateway Mountain Center and Whole Hearts, Minds, and Bodies. We strive to connect youth with themselves, their communities, and the natural world. Many of my colleagues are taking this course as well. I am fortunate to play many roles with our organization; I manage school programs, teach environmental science, guide rock climbing and mountain adventure, and mentor local youth. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge about trauma, how it affects youth, and how we can help as professionals. Thank you so much for organizing this course and all of the hard work that has gone into it!

  111. JoshuaLuis Sarmiento

    Hello to al! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this training! My name is Joshua Sarmiento, LMHC. I am the Clinical Director of a program in Florida that works with The Foster Care Youth and system. I push for trauma inform care of all our therapist and staff. Hopefully soon we will be there. I just recently also opened up my own Counseling Center in Florida to better assist and equip the community with techniques, tools and services to deal with trauma and other aspects of self. I hope to learn as much as I can and keep growing. I have some colleagues of mine on this course journey and they know my passion is like Sam’s. I love helping youth and people succeed while empowering in their journey through life giving them as many tools as I can. I am also a minister and love to enlighten the church community on the effects of trauma and how to deal with our own traumatic experiences to better become those wounded healers and agents of change. Blessings!

  112. Hello all,
    My name is Summer I live in Orem, Utah just south of Salt Lake City. I am mid-way through a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. I am currently doing a practicum with a local LGBT Youth and Family Resource Center. I am very interested in trauma and look forward to gleaning all the knowledge I can from the course to better help the sweet souls I serve.

  113. Hi everyone!
    My name is Megan. I’m from Vermont and I work in a tech high school with a feisty group of sophomores. I’m a teacher’s aide and I’m rather new to this work. I’ve been working at my school for about four months now. I’ve definitely learned a lot in that time but I would like to better understand my students and the psychological affect their pasts have had on them and how I can help improve their future. I’m looking forward to this learning opportunity and hope to become a better educator from taking this course.

  114. Hola, everyone!… This is Cati, writing from the heart of beautiful, but troubled, Mexico… Firstly I want to thank Sam: for your dedication and patience! … Secondly I want to tell you all how impresssed and inspired I am to be joining you all across the globe in helping young people get through it all, gracefully. The amount of empathy and compassion going out warms my heart! At times I feel alone down here in my ¨battle¨ so I appreciate being a part of this cohort. .. I think I need to start with why I am here, I realize after listening to Sam that one of the reasons is that I was diagnosd with PTSD in my teens due to a number of severe traumas which totally turned my world around,.. And now actually I see how thse experiences have turned into a gift in a way because it has assisted me in being able to recognize and empathize with the suffering of these young people I am responsible for now. …I am a second generation immigrant who, almost 15 years ago emigrated. I was brought up as a Quaker, which, as you may know teaches contemplation from 5 years old on. I believe that experience helped me to embrace meditation and mindfulness. I am an artist, teacher (MA in Education, w/ focus on Studio Arts) , writer,Tai Chi practitioner , all of which require working with one´s inner life and reconciling it with what´s on the outside. My mindfulness work started with adolescence and teens though my teaching visual arts coupled with journaling. When Mindfulness entered the public eye I started to study as much as I could and eventually began community related projects here in Mexico. With my PROJECT: ClaraMente (PROJECT: ClearMind) I worked with the Episcopalian Bishop in a ¨cross spiritual mindfulness project (as I am NOW a practicing Buddhist, as of 7 years ago.) My proposal was to work bi culturally (Spanish and English ) and mutigenerationally, introducing basic Mindfulness practices. The groups incuded retired ExPats (English speaking) , preschool students (Mexican Children from underserved communities), their teachers,the administrators and the children´s parents, Interestingly enough the most resistance I received were from the Mexican school room teachers, and one of the American administrators, The parents were incredibly open and it was a joy to work with them. (The littlest kids were the most open to it, which confirmed for me that we MUST start with kids at 3 years old, as by 5 kids have already developed ´life- reactivity patterns´.) Although many of the teacher´s seemed to enjoy the practices I shared with them and incorporated them into thier classrooms, their general comment was ¨that was not how they were taught to teach¨. LESSON: Not EVERYONE is ready for being mindful! …Another project I headed was the creation of the Spanish subtitles for the gound breaking documentary “Room to Breathe” which is now on available YouTUbe. I asssembled a team of 5 bilingual translators to corroborate the translations —-which was a Mindfulness exercise in itself. I have also studied (…am STILL studying) with the Metta Center for Non Violence) who awarded me a full scholarship for my work here in Mexico. In addition to Non Violent Practices I have studied Non Violent Communication and the Atlas of Emotions , the basics of which I currently use with my students in order to be able to express anxiety and anger, before it blows out of proportion, and the concept of taking real person responsibiity, instead of giving into taking blame on oneself OR others) . Currenty I am working for the first time in a PRIVATE International Academy where I teach Visual Arts and Engish. The student body are generally from upper middle class families and some from very wealthy families.with working class students on scholarships This school is perfect proof that wealth does not bring happiness! (Several years ago I was the Director for an Art , Music and Literacy Non Profit in a severely underserved agricultural community, and those kids were by far happier than the ones in this private school.) IT´s been a real eye opener. Having worked with this age group (Jr High and HS for many years, therefor a few generations) I have seen the level of anxiety raise. With the kids here a hUGE issue is that of split famiies, exacerbated by many being far away from the support of extended family (ie; relatives). One of my great concerns isthat the boys, from no matter WHICH class, are over protected and are brought up with a LOT of fear and mixed messages of what it means to ¨be a man¨, as Mexico starts it´s shift away from ¨machismo¨. So the behavior swings from in-your-face confrontation and challenge back to regressing to 3rd and 4th grade behavior. The girls withdraw and act out in secretive, and seriptitious ways, which is more normal for their age, however, in addition, it turns out they are truly terrified of boys making fun of them, so will not speak freely around them. I believe that much of what appears to be ADD/ADHD behavior is actually extreme anxiety from some pretty serious emotional traumas, if not physical. ( I often read the on-line resources from ChildMind Institute (NYU as well as EdWeb) which helps clarify what some of the conditions may be, especially as we have no counselor. ) There is a lot of emotional neglect (children are frequenty left with the ¨maid¨or gardener or chauffer). They are also given material gifts for no reason, as the divorced parents vie for their children´s loyalty. The concept of really ¨working toward something¨is often lost on them. This is also partly due to the class sysem here, where upper middle class and wealthy boys become ¨juniors¨, inheriting their father´s business, and the girls go on to be ´princesses´, who´s main job is landing a suitable husband to have a family , and all the material accoutrements that go along with that; ie; servants, manicures, botox treatments, , and endles hours of exercise, in order to remain the ´trophy wife¨— often to be left for someone younger….For these kids there are often little or not consequnces as their parents swing from overly authoritarian (super protective) to super permissive (ie; the kids can go anywhere as long as thery are with someone else, be it their friends OR relatives OR a servant….And it really doesn´t matter what they do) depending on which household they happen to be in. Often there are no consequences for behavior, so we teachers have double duty. Traditionally it is still not acceptable in this culture to send your child to counseling or to be assessed for learning disabilities, so we are arealy pushing for this change. We as yet have no counselors in out school, so it falls on us— BIG responsibiity! AND, As lying is often used as an accepted way out or a cover, I feel a LOT of true feelings are repressed causing BOTH physical and emotional illnesses. I can´t imagine growing up in a culture where lying is an acceptable practice, thus there is an extremely high level of mistrust everywhere, and, ironically, Americans are trusted more than most, as we are considered honest (and puntual and fair), let´s see how THAT pans out over the next four years with Trump´and his gang in the driver´s seat. … One more comment, in regard to the SOMATIC part of the practice… Even though I am a devout pacifist and non-violence practicioner I do believe that the Martial arts, in particular Tai Chi, which has many aspects to it, are a great outet for teens… While sparring (or playing as it is sometimes referred to in Tai Chi) the two players get to see how to work with EACH other´s energy, not just their own, , without any hits actually landing (for example , the Partner form of the ¨88¨), plus it´s beautiful and FUN. I believe this is very useful skill that crosses into daily life… ALL for NOW! From sunny beautiful Mexico,for better and for worse. I STILL love the people, the culture, the countryside, the history, the sense of humor, the sense of survival and general bon homie! … IF you haven´t yet, I hope you all get a chance to visit ´down Mexico way¨sometime soon. IF you do please look me up!– ——–Saludos, Cati 🙂

  115. HI! My name is Dennice and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist located in San Francisco, CA. I am currently providing therapy services to adolescents who are children of immigrants enrolled in a college bound program. Many of the clients I work with come from families who have experienced trauma throughout their lives such as the historical trauma, the immigration journey, racism, fleeing from war-torn countries, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sadly the list can go on and on. By taking this course I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the impact trauma has on youth and help bring much-needed healing into their lives. Thank you.

  116. My name is Rebecca and I’m a school counselor in the District of Columbia! I hope to find methods of reaching my students who are suffering from PTSD and trauma in my sessions.

  117. Hello all, my name is Kaite Dunn. I live in Denver, CO and have been working with youth in residential treatment for the past ten years in various capacities (milieu counselor, case manager, evaluation specialist, therapist, program development). I completed my MSW last year, with a focus on children and youth and an emphasis on trauma, and have been working with adolescent males in residential treatment with substance use disorders and conduct disorder (usually a name for trauma adaption behaviors) as a therapist (group and individual) and program developer, working to implement for mindfulness based interventions and move toward more trauma-informed care as a whole. I am actually in the process of changing jobs, and next week with start as a trauma assessment clinician with kids and youth ages 5-17 with very significant trauma histories. I also work as a forensic social worker, working with legal defense teams for incarcerated youth and adults, providing support and mitigation, so a lot of trauma assessment and seeking to understand impact and make recommendations for moving forward. I am really looking forward to this course and continuing to understand trauma holistically, how trauma impacts the whole person, looking beyond diagnosis.

  118. Hello to everyone!
    I am Christine and located in Los Angeles, California. I work with several adolescent populations in multiple settings. Without going into long detail, I work with trauma based youth in school systems, court systems, children who are on probation, or may be wards of the state.

    I strongly believe that if children receive trauma based therapy, it can help them overcome their past and set them up for a bright future. It takes the cooperation of all adults/agencies involved to accomplish this.

    I look forward to learning with everyone!

  119. Hi! My name is Stephanie Guinosso. I work a the CA School-Based Health Alliance, and my work is focused on building school staff capacity to implement trauma-informed practices. I am looking to gain new ideas and approaches for working with school staff and hopefully recommend this online training as a potential resource! Thanks!

  120. My name is Andrea D’Asaro and I’m a mindfulness, special education and ELL teacher in a Seattle school for at-risk teens. I’m especially interested in trauma-sensitive mindfulness, meaning how to make mindfulness practices safe and accessible for teens with trauma in their pasts. I also offer weekly mindfulness training to teachers in my school–a few of them also struggle with quiet breathing time. I’m interested in more ways to teach mindfulness that provides alternatives and options for adults and children. And I’m also wondering how to evoke from those who struggle with mindfulness, what part if most uncomfortable or difficult. Please share any ideas with me!

  121. Hello. I am a teacher at a large secondary school in Los Angeles, CA. 95% of our students receive free lunch, and almost all are immigrants or children of immigrants, with the vast majority from Mexico or Central America. We also have a significant percentage of newcomers–students who recently arrived in this country, often unaccompanied. I hope to gain insight into the effects of trauma on adolescents and how I can make impact in my role as an educator without causing more harm.

  122. Hi, I am Adele Catzim-Sanchez. I am a CEO in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture in Belize. I am trained as a counsellor and have an interest in developing more trauma-informed policies and programmes for young men and women who live in high crime communities in Belize. I have worked with children and youth who are involved in gangs and I have worked with young women who are survivors of gender based violence. I look forward to learning more about trauma and how to integrate new models into the work that I do.

  123. Hi from London Uk, I’m John and the CEO of Redthread a not for profit working in the area of youth work and youth health – with young people facing the various difficulties of the vulnerable transition of adolescence. With a broad interest in all youth health needs we have a particular focus around violence and run hospital based violence intervention programme in London’s level 1 major trauma centres.

  124. Hi, I’m Michele Muto and I am a Mental Health Clinical Supervisor working in Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice system. I have worked in juvenile justice for 13 years as a clinician providing services to incarcerated youth and as a supervisor, supervising clinicians who provide the direct services. My experience has taught me that juvenile justice involved youth are so much more than the crimes they commit. They come into the system with complex trauma histories and underneath all that tough bravado is a severely wounded child who needs to heal. My hope is to gain more knowledge about the subject, not only to better serve the youth, but to help educate those around me and help push for systemic changes that will allow for better care of the youth.

  125. Hi, I’m John Reece and I work in London, for a charity called Redthread, that operates out of a Major Trauma Unit, working with victims of youth violence. My training is in mental health and I am interested in the supporting staff with secondary trauma. I would also like to know more about the misrepresentation of trauma, that is seen as ‘ADHD’ or ‘ODD’ in children.

    Thank you

  126. Hello everyone my name is Marion Finnegan but I prefer to be called Dianne, I work with the Ministry of Education as Coordinator for an Initiative called The Youth Apprenticeship Program that focuses on young people ages 16 -29 whom have dropped out of school and at risk youths and single mothers. The objective of the program is to get jobs for these youths in their field of passion and put them back in school. I also do interventions along with the Assistant Commissioner of Police with Gang Leaders and their Affiliates. I love my job and saw the NEED to educate myself to better under why in Belize we are experiencing the kind of challenges across the board, in the workplace, in the homes etc. Thanks so much for this opportunity Sam truly appreciate it.

  127. Hello! My name is Michael Bode and I live in Portland, Oregon. I work with an organization called Peace in Schools, which offers mindfulness education in public high schools. I work at an alternative high school with teens who have mostly been unsuccessful in regular public high school settings. The population is diverse and includes teens who were expelled, dropped out, just got out of drug rehab, juvenile detention; or have high levels of anxiety, depression, or just need extra support in their education. I’m excited for this course and hope to get better at recognizing when trauma is impacting a situation or interaction and ways to work with students experiencing trauma.
    Thank you, Sam!

  128. Hi! My name is Allie and I live in Tahoe City, CA. I work as a therapeutic mentor for Whole Hearts Minds and Bodies, a sub program of the Gateway Mountain Center in the Tahoe-Truckee area. I attended Sam’s Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Training in October and and very much looking forward to this course as well.

  129. Hi! My name is Julie Schwab. I live just north of Seattle Washington. I work as a School Psychologist at a suburban high school. I also do private practice MH work in the community. I have been studying Mindfulness for four years and the ACES work for 3. I am interested in continuing my development of my skillset for my work. While my district doesn’t support a lot of my direct service work there is a HUGE missing component in serving my at-risk population. My students are predominantly at-risk to drop out, gang involved, and identified with special education services. I look forward to joining. My apologies for starting so late as I’ve been behind on my psych reports and working much overtime to get caught up.

  130. Hi! My name is Diana Cercy and I am am an artist and I am starting a non profit called Healing HeARTS Mobile Art Studio. One of the programs I am launching will be for teens (many of the groups will be struggling teens). I have already provided workshops to teens in a JDC, a residential treatment center, and a group in Nashville aging out of the foster care system. I am taking this course to gain a deeper understanding about what some of the teens I work with have gone through or are going through so that I can better serve them.
    I am just starting the course now because I have been out of town for a few weeks with no extra time. I am looking forward to learning and growing!

  131. Shawn Benjaminson

    Hi I am Shawn Benjaminson LMFT living and working in the Tahoe/Truckee CA area. I have been working with youth for about 20 plus years and still learning! Trauma has been and continues to grow as one of the main issues youth struggle with today. Thanks for this training.

  132. Forest Malatesta

    Hello All,
    My name is Forest and I work in the outer towns on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I teach mindfulness to elementary school children through a wonderful program, Calmer Choice. Additionally, I serve as an outreach worker on the tip of the Cape supporting folks in the community in connecting with support agencies, mental health counseling, and substance abuse treatment. I am grateful for this course and the opportunity of deepening my knowledge of trauma informed care especially with youth.

  133. Nomar Bembridge

    My name is Nomar Bembridge, a fun outgoing Jamaican currently residing in Belize. I am the Governance Manager at the Department of Youth Services, in Belize City. I work with young people ages to 14-29 which is our definition of a youth. On a daily basis we interact with young people who have been through some type of trauma, so being part of this course will help me handle these cases in more professional manner and help me be more efficient in the work we do.

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